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    download interruptions

    Hi, I thought Rapidshare had closed. No longer existed. Perhaps its me. Says Rapidshare has closed and "Thanks for understanding". Try JDownloader, it is free and heaps better than Mipony, especially for downloading tubes and everything else of a digital nature. BigBenn
  2. Hi all, I don't come this way often, but here I am again. Spy Emergency is a Netgate Program and you can find it on the internet with a serial, I purchased mine however, it was very reasonable. What I like about Spy Emergency is that it does not interfere with the downloads I make and unpack, whereas I have found that many other antivirus programs not only block you from some of the websites you might want to go to, but also finds the stuff you need inside the WinRar file, to well, you know and kills it off quick. Duh!! I always close Spy Emergency so that it does not detect, well you know, when I am installing new software and then I run it afterwards to clear out any backdoors and spyware I have introduced during the new software setup process (there is always a lot). Deep Freeze (Standard) locks the registry of "C" Drive and if you have partitioned your hard drives D, E, F, G and so on, unless you unfreeze those partitions at Deep Freeze installation, they will remain locked, which you don't want. At Deep Freeze (Standard) setup, you have to reboot your PC and afterwards, you will be asked for a password and you can tick and untick those drives you want to use and those you want frozen - "C" Drive has all of your OS and support programs on it, so "C" is the drive or partition you need to lock and leave all other Drives or partitions unlocked. If you don't put the password in straight away, press down Shift, Ctrl, Alt and F6 together, to open Deep Freeze and then put in the new password and whenever you freeze or unfreeze Deep Freeze this is how you must do it. Deep Freeze makes "C" drive impregnable from anything you download and unpack and install - once you reboot your PC, you will find everything you downloaded to "C" has gone for good. Thus store on "C" everything you use on a day to day basis and download to "D" of a partitioned drive and unpack everything in "D", as both the partition and Deep Freeze on "C", act as barriers for all viruses and backdoors and worms and Hackware, getting onto your "C" Drive - if you run Spy Emergency after unpacking new software to unfrozen "C", you will get rid of viruses, backdoors, etc, before locking "C" and using it frozen and safe. Apart from Spy Emergency, I don't use any antivirus program. Lets face it, when I unpack a file, I want all of the contents to be there, not deleted automatically by the antivirus program I would otherwise be running, if I were not using Spy Emergency. If you look for Deep Freeze Standard in Google, you should be able to locate and download it. With Deep Freeze, I can reboot my PC (and often do) by pulling the power cord. If you do that with an unprotected PC, you might scramble its brains and it won't ever start up again. (I did that once and killed off an unprotected hard drive) By the same token, Microsoft tried really hard to change my Windows 7 OS to Windows 10 on the sly and were not able to succeed - in the end they acknowleged that I was running Deep Freeze and stopped them in their tracks - Deep Freeze is that good. If you want to change back from Windows 10 to Windows 7, I would suggest installing a new SATA hard drive in your PC if it is a Tower or a Desk Top, however if you are using a portable and the hard drive is not easily accessible under one of the screw on covers on the back, then unless you know how to disassemble a laptop, it is currently too hard for me to do (unfortunately). You can download Windows 7 from Microsoft and use KMSpeco to register it, if need be. As you probably know, Microsoft also changed the format of Windows 10, so some older programs won't run any more - I have Windows 10 on a hard drive and can switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in 60 seconds, by changing drives and unplugging- plugging in the new SATA drive (2 SATA plugs) You can strip the Microsoft Spyware out of Windows 10 by running DWS.exe which you can download from the internet, however you have to have dotnetFX40 full, set up on your PC (deleting later versions) to do so - download from Microsoft. If you have Glary's Utitilties on your PC, go to the desktop icon and right click your mouse and "open file location", 3rd from top, then send shortcuts to your desktop for Registry Repair, Track Eraser, Disk Cleanup and run the programs after you have finished internet surfing for the day - you will be amazed at how much spyware you strip out on a day to day basis, because while Windows 7 & 10 spy on you, so do your browser(s). If you hover your cursor over the toolbar at the bottom of the page you will get an upright arrow. Right click, go to properties and unlock toolbar (no tick) autohide toolbar (tick) and use small icons (tick) - now you can cut and paste icons from your desktop to the bottom toolbar, which will hide itself until you cursor down to it, when it will reveal itself - helps to move icons from the desktop. As I have multiples of programs on my desktop, I have created new yellow folders (right click on your monitor screen and select new, folder) and put software icons into the software folder and TV check links into its folder, for simplicity and ease of internet use. Hope that makes sense. I use JDownloader to download everything. JDownloader will download tubes, which are TV programs or Porn and "everything digitally" else to your PC, whereas most other download programs won't do this. With JDownloader, you become familiar with which internet storage sites let you download freely, so you go with them - those that don't want you to complete a query to discover if you are "human". You can set the download speed of JDownloader - my download speed is 1.3mbs, but I've set JDownloader to 3.5mbs, so it will always run at its best speed - also change the download folder from "C" to "D" downloads, yellow folder (see below). If you have a Hotmail or Outlook account, you probably can't access it through Internet Explorer or Firefox, so access through Google Chrome, instead. I have downloaded loads of free portable browsers from the internet and as these are portable and don't plug into my OS when I run them, they are so much easier to use and turn off, when I am finished with them. Principally I use IE and portable Firefox and Chrome - way to go!! We are under the hammer here. Some websites I used to go to, have been blocked by a Court Ruling, however if you are looking for a particular show, go to Google and enter it there and then follow all of the links to find new websites, not blocked, to locate and download "from". Hope all of this helps and answers more questions than it raises. BigBenn
  3. bigbenn

    Bitdefender 2017 problem

    Probably a bit late for advice, but when you are installing new software with patches, firstly go down to your antivirus program icon and close it - so your PC is no longer protected, then run all of your new software installations, patches or whatever, reboot and then run your antivirus programs to clear out any Trojans, Worms, or viruses the new patches, or whatever, tried to install. QED. I protect my "C" drive with Deep Freeze Standard and I download and unpack to "D" so I can't infect my OS and supporting software with anything I don't want - doubly protected by both a partition and Deep Freeze. BigBenn
  4. bigbenn

    Rapidgator becoming useless for downloads!

    I've got a lifetime membership with Nitroflare, so I tend to rely on downloads from Nitroflare and I don't bother with other paid digital warehouses like Rapidgator - unless downloads are free - or I have to complete a quiz to prove I'm not a robot. BigBenn
  5. bigbenn

    Windows 8.1

    I have had the same problem occasionally with non Microsoft OS's that I've downloaded and burned to DVD - sometimes they run and sometimes they don't. I always thought Windows 8.1 was a pig and I got rid of it and went back to Windows 7 really quick, but that's just me. Best way to get an ISO is from here: https://www.winusb.net/articles/download-windows-7-8-10-ISO.html and then use KMSpeco to make it an authentic Microsoft OS and then, use DWS to stop updates from Microsoft and all Microsoft spying on your internet PC activities - however, you will have to install dotNetFx40_Full_setup to run it, even if that means uninstalling later versions to do so. I would say that the OS you downloaded was defective or it was a installation with a clean, new, hard drive - either way, anything below Windows 10 is no longer supported by Microsoft and Microsoft have cancelled all OS Serial numbers to force users over to Windows 10, so KMSpeco is the best solution to that. BigBenn
  6. bigbenn

    opening PC folders in Win 7

    I transfer everything I download onto 2TB hard drives. one 2TB as my original and one 2TB as my backup, so in the event of a hard drive crash, I have my backup 2TB to rely on and recover and restore my crashed hard drive, so I never lose anything and I don't rely on any cloud services and what that might involve. 2TB is the biggest hard drive size that Windows 7 will "see". Thus, my PC runs with the minimum of stuff on it at any one time and remains quick and efficient, even though my PC's are upwards of 15 years old and originally were supplied with 80GB hard drives, I'm now running up to 1TB drives on them easily. Shortcuts on your desktop which open folders on your hard drive might become corrupted - so why can't you delete them, go to the original folder locations on your hard drive and create new shortcuts to your desktop? I have found that when I use a portable software application and I move the portable software to another location, without updating my shortcuts to my desktop, I have the same problems which you describe - so a new desktop shortcut is a quick remedy. BigBenn
  7. A few weeks ago, a technician installed Windows 7 on a laptop I had, as a good turn (some good turn) and I was damned if I could locate my portable hard drives on it when I connected them to my PC - even installing windows 7 from my own windows 7 disk, did not resolve the problem and I thought my above technician installed Windows PC, was stuffed. However, it turned out to be an easy fix, once I worked out the procedures: Right click Computer icon Select Manage which puts you in Computer Management (local). In Storage select Disk Management Double click Disk Management and you will see all of the hard drives connected to your PC Select the portable hard drive which does not have a prefix (B-Z and add a letter (say H)). When you check your hard drives directory your previously invisible H drive is now available and can be used. Sometimes hard drives clash and your portable hard drive is "offline" - you can see this on the left side of the monitor screen. Just double click on "offline" to return the drive to "online" and over ride your PC's earlier command. BigBenn
  8. bigbenn

    Windows 10 shut down NAS connection

    Hi, DWS.exe removes all of the Microsoft Windows programs and drivers which Microsoft uses to keep a digital check on your PC's (and those of your clients if it is installed there)including updates, which you would then have to probably update manually, but, as I see it, you then allow microsoft to turn off NAS again, once you update and you would defeat the purpose of using DWS.exe from the outset again, after Microsoft had turned it off once more - I hope that makes sense!! A bit like the fox chasing its tail!! DWS.exe should do the same thing with your clients Windows 10 Home PC's that it does to yours, effectively shutting Microsoft out of the matter altogether, thus your clients would not need to update their Operating Systems to Pro, but stay with what they have got. By the same token, if any of their OS's Serial Keys are blacklisted, like Microsoft did with Windows 7, DWS.exe puts a stop to that and said PC's will run with blacklisted numbers, because the Microsoft check is disabled and the relative PC in question, does not report back to Microsoft to confirm the OS is illegal and thus cannot be used on the PC - there is no need to use any other method to change things back to what you previously paid for. You might check your (and their) antivirus programs, especially if a purchased one. Ideally you want an antivirus program which checks for antiviruses and what have you, on your PC's, but does not impose any command on your software which limits you in the services which you provide to your customers or from them to you and both of the programs I suggested, provide you with that option automatically. I would suggest Deep Freeze, still, if you want to protect your principal hard drive which connects to the internet, against viruses and anything else which it can download from your customers PC's, or any others, bearing in mind that antiviruses and so on, generally attach themselves to software running on the host PC and then piggyback themselves down onto your principal hard drive, in effect spreading across the internet like a disease - Deep Freeze stops that and keeps your principal PC, hard drive, clean - however, if you don't have Deep Freeze on your mirror hard drive, then any updates would go through OK, and you would have to run antivirus programs on your second and backup hard drive (which is not Deep Freeze protected), before turning the hard drive with Deep Freeze off, to update it back from your second (mirrored) hard drive, before Deep Freezing your principal hard drive down again. Perhaps you might suggest your customers PC's also run with Faronics Deep Freeze and transfer anything they download from your servers into "D" drive, after their hard drives have been partitioned, they to turn off Deep Freeze, before updating and then turning it back on again - thus if their PC's connect to the internet, unrelated to you, they and you don't get anything downloaded by them, that neither of you want. By the time I had written the above blurb, it had occurred to me that you were probably doing what you are actually doing, however I thought you might be doing Torrents, which is a health risk here anyway - the cyber crime division of our police are hunting down and prosecuting Torrents users on the basis that software shared from PC to PC is illegal and a threat to the software industry, whereas, a digital warehouse is a watershed between the person who uploads and the person who downloads, with the one not ever being able to find out who the others are (unless a backdoor is included in supporting software like cracks and keygens - which often do have backdoors built in), so it makes every sense to run either of the 2 above programs I mentioned and rip the backdoors out of your OS's and remain clean, whenever you instal any new software, irrespective of if it was purchased or not. By the same token, it occurs to me that the problems you were having, were probably problems other users might also be having, so whilst I was responding to your initial enquiry, I was also responding to all of those other users too and since I am retired and weekends and mondays are often internet quiet, because your weekends follow ours (you are behind us timewise) and it is not until mid week before things start to catch up and I am busy again, this keeps me alive and stimulated and hopefully helping out others who don't really know what to do next. That said, I hope my suggestions work - feedback is always appreciated and 2 heads on the same task are always better than one !! With much amusement, Best Wishes and Good Luck in your financial Enterprises. BigBenn
  9. bigbenn


    Hi, It is not my first time here, I've been coming to this forum for years, probably from when you first started up - however, when I started visiting, there were lots of other forums which I used to go to as well, but they have all gone now and cyberphoenix is one of the few remaining, from the good old days!! I was just going through my list of forums I occasionally visit and saw this one was still up and running. Amazing!! Well done you!! Perhaps its the same old thing. A lot of people visit, but few actually donate anything and then, after a while, even that stops and the forum, which previously was healthy and vibrant, just dies, if it is not closed down meantime by "the powers that be". I enjoy providing advice, especially if it helps anyone. Not much point in copying downloads from one active forum to another and whilst I am self taught, I don't understand everything that most of the software I see, does and by the same token, if I don't have a practical use for 90% of it, what is the point of downloading it to sit on my hard drives, unused? Anyway, for the time being, I am here and whilst I am visiting, I don't mind adding my 2 cents worth. BigBenn
  10. bigbenn

    Sneaky teen texting codes

    I'm a GOS. OK, I don't have a mobile phone and I don't want one. I see too many people walking around texting and not paying attention to what and who is nearby - seems to me, if you are distracted by your mobile, you are not paying enough attention to you and what is going on around you. OK, there is a time and place for everything, but not all of your waking hours, surely. How on earth do you talk to each other, when texting seems to be the main way of communication now. Oh, for the good old days, when we had to talk and sell ourselves to get a date and move towards a serious relationship by what we looked like and how we thought and sold ourselves.
  11. bigbenn

    If a nuclear bomb explodes nearby

    Life is short and we are a long time dead, so enjoy your life for as long as you can, however, that said, I would not want to live in a World erased by nuclear bombs, because if one fell near you, you can bet your last Dollar that your country would have responded with equal effect and once all was said and done, there probably wouldn't be much left, as you knew it, to want to be around for. Me, I'd go outside and wait for the blast and get it over and done with, once and for all. I'm older than you, probably a lot older. I was born in February 1947 and my father was in the Royal Air Force in England and back then Russia was the enemy and we lived, day by day, expecting a nuclear attack and death. The sirens would go off, every now and then and my father and other men at the airforce base we were on, went running off to secure underground bunkers to await the arrival of the nuclear rockets from Russia, leaving my mum and I and all of the other parents and kids, standing around outside, waiting to see if we would see the incoming nuclear missiles which would end our existence - the time it took from Russia to England was 15 minutes - yet each siren was just another exercise to keep the men top of their game and the big bang never came and I'm still here to tell about it. I well remember when Kennedy took on the Russian's over Cuba and the missiles that they had shipped there. The World waited to see if Russia would back down, it was a very tense time, but as history will tell you, they did and we all breathed a sigh of relief and carried on with our lives. I well remember Kennedy getting assasinated by Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby? who bumped Lee Harvey Oswald, but who was dying of cancer, so for him it did not matter. I was stunned by the Kennedy assasination and to this day, I have always felt he was a great American President and such a loss for the free World. I remember when I was a kid. My parents sent me to a boarding school, just like Tom Brown's Schooldays, but without the Pub and someone pedicted the end of the World. I sat on the lawn outside the school (Rodney Boarding School, Mansfield, Near Nottingham, England) waiting for the end - I was about 9 or 10 then and I'm still waiting for the World to end, going on 71 now, but hopefully not in my lifetime!!
  12. When you have cleared out all of those old cars with a front end loader, to the local tip, where do you go next as I did not see a picture of the home which comes with it. I like old cars restored, but not old bombs which probably won't start and need thousands of bucks to restore, on top of his million bucks starting price - so duh - Good Luck on your Sale Mate. That said, I'm not adverse to old cars - I have restored a Volvo 740 Turbo Station Waggon back to better than it was, ex showroom back in 1988 when its sale price was $60,000 - back in 1988 I was buying my first home with 2 mortgages and for $20,000 and I had a good income for the time, so my Volvo then cost someone 3 x $20,000 houses here - unbelieveable.
  13. Flu Virus - well I've not had a cold for over 20 years and I've been in some pretty horrid places, packed in, almost like animals and still never got the flu - lucky? well no........... If you are allergic to salt - don't do this!! Take one teaspoonfull of salt and mix it in a mug of warm water, then go into the bathroom and sniff it up your nose until it is all gone. Spit anything out which comes down the back of your throat and into your mouth. After the burning feeling stops, blow your nose into some toilet paper and flush it away - wash your hands afterwards. If you have the flu, do this 3 times daily (morning, noon, night) until the flu goes away (usually a few days) If you sneeze a few times and you think that is odd and not what usually happens, do the above treatment ASAP and nail the potential flu, in your head, before it has a chance to breed and replicate itself from your head, down into your body. Flu goes into your nose, where it is moist and warm and from there down the back of your throat and into your body. Gargling does not work, because the hole in the inside front of your neck is higher than your throat. The salt acts as a disinfectant and kills off the flu, which is said to be a dead virus, in your head, before it has a chance to infect you and you can continue your life without ever having to worry about getting the flu ever again. If you remember how horrid the flu can be and how sick you can be for weeks at a time - and for a momentary discomfort, just think how the flu is feeling while you ace it.
  14. Um!! well, where I am (lordy knows where that is) my ISP limits my downoad capability to 1.6mb per second and it does not matter how much I download with my software program JDownloader, my maximum download speed is 1.6mb which gives me roughly 1TB monthly of download capability, if I download 24/7, which obviously I don't. I used to use a program which made my PC appear to be running at full download capacity, with another ISP and for several years I had a much faster download speed, but the ISP eventually cottoned on, probably with some clever software and reduced my speed back to what it should have been and from the outset and did not follow up with me or try for a prosecution, so I quit them while I was ahead and came to this ISP. The reality is, unless you have unlimited downloads speed, you are limited otherwise by your ISP and the number of PC's between you and their server, so that on weekends, for example, the download speed here, is a lot slower than between 11PM and 6AM when most people are asleep.
  15. Use Faronics Deep Freeze and lock your "C" drive while you are on the internet. Get a Ransomeware demand and tell them to shove it, reboot your PC and begin again on the internet, unmolested...secure and free.