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  1. Grandad

    Music ( COMPLETED ) ....

    I am after Jim Reeves Albums especially His Christmas ones. The reason being my Mother-in-law liked Jim Reeves and had some of his albums and use to play them a lot, but we couldn't find them after she passed away, so my sister in law would very much like a copy of his CDs but don't know which ones. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You. Grandad
  2. Grandad

    Bar Joke

    Surely he should have just dropped down dead?
  3. Err. When you can't think of any thing to say in response.
  4. Replied - And a Happy New Year to you too.
  5. Scrumptious. as in, her Tata's look really Scrumptious
  6. Allergic To be physically affected by things like e.g. animal hair among other things.
  7. Nonsense What people who have drunk too much normally speak.
  8. Retina the innermost light-sensitive membrane covering the back wall of the eyeball
  9. Authorities the people who don't want the things they are doing to be mentioned to the people who voted them into office
  10. Otitis General term for any infection or inflammation of the ear. (if you had this you might not hear anything)
  11. Noise without noise you couldn't measure the Sabin.
  12. Yikes These Y words are getting rather awkward now
  13. Nocturnal Which is what I seem to be lately.