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Found 19 results

  1. Which cup will be the first to be filled? The photograph shows a hand pouring coffee into a set of chutes that each lead to one of four cups. Your goal is to determine which cup will be the first to be filled with coffee. Correct answer: Did you try to solve the puzzle.......Was it easy? Tell us in the section below!
  2. Puzzle: River Crossing A farmer wants to cross a river and take with him a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage. There is a boat that can fit himself plus either the wolf, the goat, or the cabbage. If the wolf and the goat are alone on one shore, the wolf will eat the goat. If the goat and the cabbage are alone on the shore, the goat will eat the cabbage. How can the farmer bring the wolf, the goat, and the cabbage across the river? Answer: Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy? Tell us in the section below!
  3. Common Words Puzzle See if you can figure out what these seven words all have in common? Banana Dresser Grammar Potato Revive Uneven Assess Answer 1: Answer 2: Did you figure it out? No? Then send this to more people and stump them as well. Then, you'll feel better too.
  4. The Shoe, Goggles, Man and Boxing Gloves Puzzle Check out this new genius puzzle on the internet getting viral for a reason. The Shoe, Goggles, Man and Boxing gloves Puzzle. Only for genius puzzle, more than 90% will fail to solve this genius math puzzle. Can you solve this viral logical math puzzle? Check out the image and share your equation or answer in the comment section below. Best of luck! Answer:
  5. Open The Safe Puzzle Ludwig Rich runs the bank in Wealthyville. You must help him, because he has forgotten the combination number of the safe. Fortunately, he does remember some things about the number which may help you to help him. · The number has four digits (e.g 1234). · All the digits are different. · It begins and ends with an odd number and has two even numbers in the middle. · 19 and 519 go into it exactly. WHAT IS THE NUMBER WHICH WILL OPEN THE SAFE? Solution: Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy?
  6. The Bat Matchstick Puzzle Move only three matches so that the bat will fly in another direction. Show the solution Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy?
  7. Puzzle: what way is he looking? Answer:
  8. Find the hidden lollipop in this colorful ice cream puzzle People are struggling to find the hidden lollipop in this colorful ice cream puzzle. Hidden a single lollipop in a sea of ice cream cones. Take a look at the puzzle: Did you find the lollipop? If not, don't worry. Hint Hint 2 Answer Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy? Tell us in the section below!
  9. People are struggling to find the bunny hidden in a sea of cats in this viral brain teaser — can you spot it? Here is a crowd of cats with their tails sticking up, camouflaging a lone bunny's long ears. Can you spot the bunny? Do you see it? If not, that's okay. Keep trying. Hint Ready to see the answer? Here it is: Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy? Tell us in the section below!
  10. How Long Will It Take…..Puzzle Which letter comes next in the series? S, M, H, D, W, M,? Pick from: L V Y T D Answer Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy? Tell us in the section below!
  11. A, S, D... Puzzle What comes next in this series: A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, ? Answer Did you solve the puzzle? It was easy, yes? Tell us in the section below!
  12. A Tight Spot Puzzle This puzzle is often given to students to teach them about creative thinking (i.e. thinking outside the box). Imagine yourself in a room without windows or doors (there is still light in the room so you are able to see). In the centre of the room is a twelve-inch tube solidly embedded six inches deep in a cement floor. At the bottom of the tube is a standard ping-pong ball with a diameter that is one millimetre smaller than the diameter of the tube. You have the following items at your disposal: * A twelve-inch piece of string * A match * A magnifying glass * A six-inch ruler * A paper clip Aside from the items listed, there is nothing else in the room. Can you find a way to safely retrieve the ping-pong ball without damaging it? The tube cannot be broken nor can it be removed from the cement floor. Hint Answer Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy? Tell us in the section below!
  13. Cutting Links Puzzle A jeweller is asked to join four small 3-link chains (shown) into a large circular 12-link chain. In order to join two closed links, one of the links needs to be cut, placed onto the other link, and then closed. The clever jeweller finds a creative way to make the circular chain while cutting as few links as possible. How many links does he cut and what does he do? Hint Answer Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy? Tell us in the section below!
  14. Which Switch Puzzle You have just purchased a giant mansion with a wine cellar in the basement. On the main floor, next to the staircase, are 3 light switches that control light bulbs in different parts of the house. You would like to know which one turns on the light in the wine cellar. How can you determine which light switch is wired to the wine cellar by making a SINGLE trip to the basement and nowhere else? You can do whatever you like with the switches, but once you go down into the wine cellar you need to know for sure which switch is for the wine cellar. Note that this is not a trick question. You are alone in the house, the wiring is hidden behind the wall, and the rooms controlled by the three switches are not visible from where you are standing. The solution is strictly in the manipulation of the light switches. Hint Answer Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy? Tell us in the section below!
  15. How To Fit 10 Horses In 9 Stables Puzzle There are ten horses in a field. They each have a stable. There was a storm one day and struck one of the stables, the stable burned. There are now nine stables. Every horse has to go in a stable at night. You cannot build another stable and you cannot fit 2 horses in one stable. Answer Did you figure it out on my own? Tell us in the section below!
  16. Fill In The Blanks Puzzle How fast can you guess these words? F_ _K PU_S_ S_X P_N_S BOO_S _ _NDOM Answers: How many did you figure out one on my own? Tell us in the section below!
  17. Can You Pass The World's Shortest IQ Test? It's Just Three Questions Long, But Few Can Get Them All Right The Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) has been hailed as the world's shortest IQ test. Apparently, it only takes three questions to separate the Einstein’s from the Homer Simpsons of this world. The quiz, developed in Princeton in 2005 by psychologist Shane Frederick, is designed to test your ability to ignore your gut response and think slower and more rationally. Or in psychology-speak, how good are you at ignoring system 1 (intuition) thinking in favour of system 2 (analytic) thinking? To succeed in the CRT, you must spend time reflecting on your answer and question your intuitive response. Of course, to prove your genius you must get all three questions correct but speed also matters. Speedier answers are another sign of a higher IQ. Remember, the questions might not be quite as simple as they first seem. Even students at some of the world's top universities (including Yale and Harvard) failed to get all three answers correct in a 2003 study. In fact, only 17 percent achieved a perfect score. So, how smart are you really? The Quiz 1. A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? 2. If it takes 5 machines 5 minutes to make 5 widgets, how long would it take 100 machines to make 100 widgets? 3. In a lake, there is a patch of lily pads. Every day, the patch doubles in size. If it takes 48 days for the patch to cover the entire lake, how long would it take for the patch to cover half of the lake? Answers: Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy? Tell us in the section below!
  18. Jogging In The Park Puzzle Starting from the red dot a jogger ran through all the avenues of the park once without passing twice on the same track. Hint: Solution: The solution seems trivial, however only 20% of people may find the correct answer. Did you solve the puzzle? Was it easy? Tell us in the section below!
  19. Sherlock Holmes - Puzzle Sherlock Detective reviewed the information they had on the case so far. A lady named 'himanshi' was found shot and they already had a list of suspects - Ankit, Tarun, Harish, Manoj and Manish. Killer is a fan of Sherlock and challenge him by leaving notes ad various places. * The first was found in a toilet room. * The second was found in an art room. * The third was in a restroom. * the fourth in an underwater room. * The fifth at the no smoking room. All of the notes read the same thing, 'The clues are where you find the notes.' Yet, nothing was found at any of the place the notes were found. Sherlock the genius, immediately solved the case. Who was the killer?