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Found 7 results

  1. shorty109


    I'm a retired comms engineer from the UK. Have been building and repairing PC's for the past 20 years. Love your eBook/magazine forum.
  2. bounder17

    Hello and wow

    Hey everyone. Newbie at this site. Was a member of another warez site for over 15 years and they seem to have folded up. I've been in and around computers for over 20 years... building, programming, etc. Remember the birth of the internet and man, has it come a long way. So far this place seems VERY organized and user friendly, but I can't honestly tell you how I came upon the place. Searching for a hard to find program for hours I'm sure...LOL I will be as active as you will let me be here. Hopefully I've found my NEW HOME Look forward to meeting tons of ya...... Oh, one more thing... I am totally addicted to the MMOB game called War Thunder. So, if I'm not there playing, then I'll probably be perusing in here somewhere. :gamer: :gamer:
  3. Sipsix


    Hello! Newbie here. Will slowly read the help page, suggested stuff, rules etc. Although when I do a mistake - just let me know. Takes time to learn the ropes. And thanks for the community, mods and admins to run and administrate this forum. It surely is helpful. Favorite stuff here at moment is link heaven - its a like a hidden gold box. You can find such an interesting stuff and wonder why its not viral. Sipsix
  4. Cgamemastertnt

    from unknown country i m back

    hello eve long time no seen i apologize for the late intro only came to download cool windows os and other program now i also play games well i don't any Console Games as yet but i have emulator as well so that it
  5. AUDI-A4


    I am a new to forum.I have joined just now.So i would i like to introduce myself.I will help other people as much as i can
  6. piripiri13


    HELLO ALL!! LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF DOWNLOADABLE CHOCOLATES…. Hope all is well with everyone Keep your chicken on the piripiri side.
  7. Hey peeps just looking for some advice about programming because i have just started trying to learn and i learned very fast that it is much more difficult then i thought. But its something that i really want to learn because it is something i am very interested in. So if you have any suggestions or advise for someone who is just starting fresh please message me or let me know because it will be greatly appreciated !