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Found 8 results

  1. Duchait

    Hi Im Duche

    hi everyone, I hope you all doing good,
  2. trapper.brown

    Hello Friends!

    Hello Everyone! Loving the forums. Thanks for having me. I look forward to developing new relationships, etc. -Trapper
  3. Hi, I'm Mr. Underhill, and I live in SW Ireland, although I am a U.S. ex-pat (I married Irish). I love reading, flim, ballet, classical music, ballet, and the Arts in general. Normally, I wouldn't reveal myself such a nerd immediately, but I'm also terminally ill, so I might not get another chance---yes, it's that bad; I lost 93% of my lung tissue in a house fire that was due to faulty wiring. But I've made it to 58 so far, and I really never though I would since it changes your perceptions when your totally adored father drops dead at your 5-year-old feet. So 58 IS a huge improvement. I hope y'all don't read the above as a downer--it just IS, and I am okay with it. I guess it must be honesty day or something. I just don't have time to waste on a lot of BS that's normally expected & polite. In fact I have no time to waste. I just want to see my one and only grandchild, hold him, and tell him I love him before I go into the great unknown. I hope that's going to happen ASAP. I have lots of books, but not romances, serial killer, and books from those 4GB downloads. I love anything that's WELL WRITTEN (note the caps). I did have a ton of film, but the housefire took care of that; however, I'm a Ring Junkie and GOT devotee. But I love anything about ancient cultures, included invented ones. I'm a vegan of 20 years, a vegetarian before that, a recycler, composter, and a tree hugger. Feel free to draw your own conclusions, but I will be money they are wrong--I'm not easy to define. But I am friendly, and I do have all my shots. I hope we like each other! You can tell me what I ought to do, but please don't expect me do do it and get alll bent out of shape when I don't. I am my own woman. Oh, that reminds me, "Mr. Underhill" is my Yorkie's alias, but since he's too young to register, I borrow his moniker. Thank for your time! I hope I haven't stepped on too many toes, but I have that talent. Just remember, you will be getting rid of me soon! Cheers!
  4. parsec

    Hello I'm Parsec

    Hi, I mostly warez dev tools for mac and windows, and keygen/crack some of the more hard to find components / software myself. Hope to find/provide some awesome stuff here.
  5. drakesteele


    Nice to meet you all. Just yer standard goofball renaissance geek; into gaming, collecting retro games, singing, writing, drawing, graphic arts, dabbling in music and doing voiceover work and impressions... little of this, little of that. I tend to hang out in Second Life since I'm disabled and it lets me do all the things I can't in RL anymore... have a large family there, and wouldn't trade 'em for the world. And that's me. - Drake Steele.
  6. Cgamemastertnt

    from unknown country i m back

    hello eve long time no seen i apologize for the late intro only came to download cool windows os and other program now i also play games well i don't any Console Games as yet but i have emulator as well so that it
  7. grump


    Hi, found a shortcut in a flick I DL'd Thought I'd look around. 60 years old, Pittsburgh area. Thanks for having me.
  8. CombatNinja23

    Hello Cyberphoenix

    Hello CP community, I've just been looking for a new community to find my warez and perhaps share some uploads as well. I love pc downloads (Programs) and will probably have a thread on those and HQ movies..we will see. I love gaming, moving from pc though and mainly xbox one now. I mod controllers as a hobby and will show some pics in another thread/post.