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Found 12 results

  1. Duchait

    Hi Im Duche

    hi everyone, I hope you all doing good,
  2. noyonme

    Hi everyone!

    Hello everyone! I'm Noyon. New here.
  3. Britney Spears

    (Let Me) Break The Ice

    Hello folks! I was pointed here for some of the tehparadox refugees. I used to be known as Ozmand85 there. Only reason I went with 'Britney spears' as a display name is due in part that i was listening to Gimme More after so many years having not listened to it in a while...and the rest is HERstory. Hope to make this my new home and I look forward to chatting whenever possible -Oz
  4. crypt0kraken


    Hey there, I'm a refugee from that one famous site that goes by a name that's kind of similar to "the pair of ducks". Let's hope this community doesn't suffer the same fate! Cheers
  5. trapper.brown

    Hello Friends!

    Hello Everyone! Loving the forums. Thanks for having me. I look forward to developing new relationships, etc. -Trapper
  6. Hi Gang I am new here. Just Joined from Ontario Canada. This look,s like a great site Nice to meet you all
  7. Timmogen

    Greetings all

    Hello; My friends call me Timmogen (means rider of heaven) I'm an old guy (I remember when God made dirt!) So I've been around a long time. I'm upright,breathing, on this side of the grass,so far, I live in the USA Ohio.I'm not looking for a place to hang out. Want to find a place I can feel at home for whatever time I have left.College grad magna bunch of degrees. Not important. In a nut shell: I believe in quality NOT quantity.I've seen alot of places come and go always for the same reasons. I do not care about making a few pennies by putting garbage up for others to download. If I put it up it's worth having. I believe in friendship,trust,and beer. I thank god for having me here and look forward to meeting many of you. I may be quiet for a bit but only because I',m lurkimg in the bushes to see if I've found a home. I'll close with one of my favorite quotes: “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” C. S. Lewis Timmogen
  8. Hello! I am grateful for the large and quality community here. I apologize in advance as my knowledge and PC-skills are not in such level, that I would be able to contribute here in a short run. But will help where I can starting from small things, even if it would be report a post, link etc. How I found my way here? - As a student from a poorer country, I lack finance to get the programs I need, and this community seems reliable to solve my problems. Even in case for just studying and learning the basics - so in later life one could buy them. Even the Test/Trial versions are not enough always. therefore I have to manage around the market Regarding the fact, that will not be using them for commercial use, but scientific analysis just for public community. And Libraries are not open at nights when I do my next days homework - Second world problems! - I am a fan of Open-Source and true believer of Community-Developing/improving. Although not exactly High-Skilled in PC. I was converted to Linux few years ago. I can manage my ways around Terminal and get the things done, and thus far most cases Forum-Community is nice enough to help - and from there I have always felt I need to give back something to community myself and slowly I have already started being a basic small-help tutor for newbies on Ubuntu. Linux, R-Projects - are best results and examples of Open-Source. Veteran In StackExchange Forums... and Forums fan in general since the 2000s and childhood - as far as they are quality-worth! Why am I here? - Need a little help with few programs in field of statistics. As they are high-priced, rare to get, and hard to get working sometimes. Maybe one day I can return the favor. Already sent a few letters to regarding few topics to related persons. Hope to contribute, share and blend in! Sipsik
  9. Ode to Nouveau


    Hey all... I'm new here, I just found you. Thanks for having me.
  10. karthikeyyans

    i want to Shine My Light!

    A detailed explanation about me can be found in my linkedin profile: https://in.linkedin.com/in/winkarthikeyan I don't know anything, and I believe I have the humility required for great learners and seekers, I would like to connect with knowledgeable people, share what I know, and also learn from what other people share.
  11. drakesteele


    Nice to meet you all. Just yer standard goofball renaissance geek; into gaming, collecting retro games, singing, writing, drawing, graphic arts, dabbling in music and doing voiceover work and impressions... little of this, little of that. I tend to hang out in Second Life since I'm disabled and it lets me do all the things I can't in RL anymore... have a large family there, and wouldn't trade 'em for the world. And that's me. - Drake Steele.
  12. cncbasher

    glad to be back

    glad to be back to the community here , after an enforced health retirement , always wonder what i may have missed from this board as for me it's one of the best . everyone helps where they can ... a true community sprit , in a techo world