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Found 22 results

  1. crowbarx5

    TaskLayout for Win ?

    I was looking for that
  2. heyal, am looking for a program called Print Artist Platinum 25 currently 2016if anyone can lead me in the right direction or if yal know where i can find it would be so awesome!! thanks!
  3. Hi everyone ! I am trying to backup my mobile phone and i am looking for an excellent backup software, please tell me which ones to use Regards, Shakur223
  4. Hi, Can someone help me locate: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise for 64 Bit Computer plus activated. Please let me know, i need it urgent. i will be very grateful to you.
  5. How can I give my user account administrator privileges? I'm using Windows OS 8.1. Mine is the only user account on this laptop, but it appears it does not have administrator privileges. How can that be? I keep getting blocked from doing things by messages saying I must have administrative privileges. I can't find any way to get those privileges. I have been to Settings/Change PC Settings/Accounts. I am the only account listed there. I see no way to add administrator privleges to it. I see where I can add an account, but I stopped that when the first step was to give an e-mail address - that has nothing to do with making an account for this machine! I was going to see if I could create an administrator account - but if I'm not the administrator, surely I would not be able to anyway. If I am the administrator - and I must be -- then why do I keep getting blocked? I note, mine is a local account. It also does not have a password set up for it - and I don't even see any place to add a password on it, although I would rather not have one -- I'm just using this at home, and it is much easier without a password. My most immediate issue involves QuarkXpress 2015. I have installed it. I want to add the serial in order to activate it permanently. But when I click on "Edit License Code" in order to do so, it simply gives me a message reading: "You must have administrative privileges to run the QuarkXpress installer. Setup will now exit." It is already installed - so I don't know whay the message is talking about runing the installer. It simply gives that message and will not open the window. So, how can I check if my user account has administrative privileges, and how can I give it such privileges? Thanks for any help.
  6. Hi to everybody, I don't know if I am in the right forum for this topic. I have a problem with Windows Movie Maker, which I downloaded recently from internet. I want to make a slide show of several pictures. But after dragging the pictures to the timeline, it doesn't show the pictures anymore. My laptop is pretty new, I bought it this year. I use Windows 8.1, I have checked all drivers and graphic card but they are all up to date. In the internet I could not find any solutions, even though this problem seems to be pretty often. Can anybody help me with this topic. I am a total newby, so please explain as simple as possible Thanks for any help
  7. Plz upload TypingMaster PRO & Woking Key..
  8. HI.. plz upload Pinnacle Studieo (Video Editing) software for Windows XP sp2 with all effect and woking crack ..
  9. rahulko25


    hi.. i am using to resotre windows via CYBER GHOST tools.. but after restore my all parttion r lost.. only one partition show "C" .. my other partitons D & E r lost. in cheching system manger .. only one partitons show and all partitions is lost... and Partitions C space is 320 GB. plz help to me recover my partitions with all my file or data in both drive D an d E
  10. rahulko25

    Office 2007

    HI.. plz help.. my three pc on home group network .. recently i am install windows 8.1 in one pc and other two pc xp sp3 running in windows 8.1 pc winword running fine but other 2 computer winword not working when i start office word (offcie 2007 ) open and hang or not reponding and other producat like Excel or Power point are working fine in same computer. when i unplug network line and open winword open eassly and work fine.. but insert or plug network cable same problem are live.. why not woking windows offcie word help me
  11. rahulko25


    Hi.. runing own cyber cafe (node -14).. i request to plz provided some software to safe our node system. bcz. lots of user can insall unwanted software in when they r surfing internet.. I am tottaly bother abt this issue.. after 3-4 day need to install fresh OS.. Any one can install any softeare in system (clint side) when surfing internet. they open some time pron site in clint side styem .. then virus attach ... sow to block in node side or single system in cyber cafe.. to user not install any software or not access pron site ... some time login in windows XP (guest account)... but some people install software so plz suggest to which softeare to use to block software installing and block pron site access.. tx
  12. rahulko25

    Windows 7 GHOST

  13. rahulko25

    PDF Editor

    Hi.. plese upload FOXI PDF Editor – PhantomPDF Business OR Please upload software who convert pdf to excel
  14. rahulko25

    Format Hard Drive

    Hi.. please provide some link to download software to recover my LOST Data in my HARD DRIVE (500GB) after format drive C ... ony one drive show C & other drive lost and Drive C space 480gb.. how i do't know
  15. rahulko25

    Windows XP SP3 GHOST

    HI.. Please upload Windows XP GHOST Image to installing windows minal time in fresh or old computer ..
  16. rahulko25

    Windows XP SP3 GHOST

    HI.. Please give a link to download windows xp GHOST Auto install xp Installing XP via PEN DRIVE not need DVD ROM OR CD/DVD
  17. rahulko25


    Hi.. i am not able to access internet. when i am install QUICK HEAL INTERNET SECURITY 2013 after i am not able to access internet (in my side IDEA 3G DONGEL) But Via LanCard (Local area network) i am able to access internet. without QUICK HEAL INTERNET SECURITY 2013 in system eassly intenet access but when install QUICK HEAL then problem r live and internet access problem .. USB DONGEL are conneted but internet Access deny windows 7 ULITMATE (CRACKED) 2 GB RAM CORE i3
  18. rahulko25


    Hi.. why every time ask new hardware found when insert different USB in windows xp sp 3 i just download xp sp3 and installing then this problem r created .. so help to me what i do..
  19. phed

    A2 Oasis

    Hi, I am looking for the full version of A2 Oasis. http://apple2.emuunl...om/SCRNSHOT.HTM Thanks!
  20. This has never happened to me. btw, I have the Office 2010 Toolkit, but it is version 2.2.3. Does anyone have a more up to date toolkit, or any methods on how to activate this thing forever? Thanks. P.S. please don't say "Download OpenOffice because it's free" because I really don't want to use Open Office.

    How to create custom windows ?

    Hello All, Someone please help me to create custom windows..or any tips related with most appreciated. Thanks & Regards Tk