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How To Join 001 Files

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Normally when you download a file that has been split into multiple compressed files (archives), you simply have to right click on the first numbered file, (typically .r00, .r01, .r02 etc) with a program like WinRAR and choose ‘Extract Here’. However, every now and then you are going to come across a file that you have downloaded, that has been split into multiple archives and your normal way of joining them, like using WinRAR won’t work. For this tutorial I will show you 2 easy ways using either HJSplit or 7Zip of joining these files.


First we’ll look at a program called HJSplit. This is a great bit of Freeware and can be used on the Windows, Linux, MAC ,BSD, Java, PHP, Amiga, Windows 3.x, DOS, OS/2 platforms.


If you have downloaded these types of files, they may look similar to the image below. So lets get them joined so you can start to watch your file.




Once you have downloaded HJSplit, open it up and you will see the first window:




Now just click on ‘Join’ and you will get the next window:




Click ‘Input File’ and navigate to the folder where the split files are:




Click to highlight the file (note you will only see the first file which will end in 001) and then click ‘Open’ which will bring you back to the joining screen




As you can see, it will automatically place the soon to be joined files into the same folder, but you can change the output location if you wish. Now just press ‘Start’ and it will join all the files together




Once it’s finished you will see the following screen




That’s it.


Next we will look at how to do this using 7Zip


This is another fantastic piece of freeware that I would definitely advise you having for all your zipping/ joining and file (not system) encryption needs. The compression methods of this program are also a lot better that most, if not all of the paid for ones out there as well. First, go to their site and download the program. Once you have done that, you will notice that it has been added to your right click context menu. Now, go to the folder where your split 001, 002, 003 etc files are located. Now just right click on the ’001′ file as seen below and go 7-zip>Extract Here




The program will automatically place the joined file in the same location. Whilst the program is joining the files, you will see the following window:




Once it has finished your newly joined file will be there, ready to play. You will know that the operation has finished by the window above closing




That’s it, you’re done!


I was using Window 7 Ultimate x64 in both of these examples for those interested.


I hope this has been of use to you.

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or associate .001 with winrar and extract from that and it will work...

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