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How to remove a virus from .exe

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I got an exe with a virus. the IOBit anti malware stops it from running. It's a huge program and I really need the .exe. I was wondering what you think is the best way to use it without messing up the computer.

Do you think its wise to monitor the install with a registry monitoring to see the affected keys and remove them. Or do you think its possible to remove the virus from the exe and still keep it usable.

I remember a program called whatchanged that would display both registries side by side like a spread sheet so that you can evaluate the changes now I see a freeware version that's not quite up to snuff.

Or could you recommend another program

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@hashjec, search google for a program called ComboFix. Also rkill, it will stop the program from running and kill the service so you can ran a virus scan on it to clean it. Malwarebytes works great in this capacity, or you can use whatever AV you already have. Once it is cleaned, just reboot and run your program as usual. Also, if you know what the virus name is from your AV, search google for a removal tool specific to that virus. Many times the top dog AV corp. has already released a tool for it. Good Luck!!!



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