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Please Recommend Some Recovery Software.

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I know that there are no such BEST recovery software but I am looking for a better recovery software.

Present, I am using iCare Data Recovery Professional and it is user friendly and able to recover most of the data as when my pendrive become RAW or formatted.

But sadly, some of the picture it does not really recover well like the image is exist but when you open the recovered photo it shows black or part of the photo only.

And so for some movies it is unable to play after done the recovery too.

Please give some suggestion on a better recovery software here :D:yourock: :yourock: :yourock:

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In addition to what techmod.pngvigneshnallamad stated, if you wish to recover anything, then it must be done almost instantly at the time of the loss for those files are being overwritten right away. As far as better recovery software out there, I am sure there is, but would be very expensive. Check back to this tread for a few days and maybe someone can recommend a better software for you. I hope anyway.


Good luck my CW friend. I wish I could have been more help.




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Many apps like this to use, so here is a link that has many different types, so you can try them all ...if you want




Version : MegaPack 2012

Taille : 312.3 Mb

Configuration minimale : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Licence : Full

Format d'extension : EXE

Langue :Multi


collection de logiciels de récupération de données Tous les logiciels sont en version complète.



Wondershare Data Recovery v4.1.1 Final PreCracked

Selkie Rescue Data Recovery v3.5 Full

Runtime GetDataBack for NTFS V4.24 Final PreCracked

Restore My Files Data Recovery v6.01 Final PreCracked

Recover Deleted Files v3.0.1 Final PreCracked

Recover My Files Pro v4.9.4.1343 Full

Raise Data Recovery for NTFS v5.1 + Serial

Power Data Recovery v6.6 Final PreCracked

Odin Data Recovery Professional v7.6.3 PreCracked

My Flash Recovery 2012 v2.2 Full

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery v11.01 Final PreCracked

iCare Data Recovery Pro v4.6.4 PreCracked

FileRestore Professional v4.2.1 + Serial

FILERECOVERY Undelete For Windows v3.3.0.74 Final Cracked

FILERECOVERY Proffesional v5.0.0.11 Cracked

File Scavenger 2012 v3.2.24.0 Full

Easy Recovery Pro 2012 v6.22 Full

Deleted File Recovery v2.0.1 Final Cracked

DataNumen Data Recovery v1.0 Full

Data Recovery Wizard Professional v5.5.1 Full

Data Recovery v1.0 Full Version

Aidfile Recovery Software v3.5.3.0 Full Edition





Format : EXE

Langue : Multi

Taille totale : 312.3 Mb

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Thank you for the help out.

Now I am trying out the software recommended by daytrader :D

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Daytraders pkg. may be good for future recoveries, but for the files you described I'm afraid you are out of luck. If they are worth

$1,000 - $2,000 to you perhaps Kroll Ontrack could help you.


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