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On file types/formats.. or at least..

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I'll to describe my problem as best I can.



We were given a project where we are to create a program that will be able to:

a.) generate a report

b.) save it in a format (or at least in a file format that can be easily exported and do the tasks below)

c.) send that file over another office through email


then another program will:

a.) import the file

b.) extract the data from that file

c.) save the extracted data to the database.


Prog. Language that we will be using will either be PHP, Java, or VB.net

Database: MySQL


My problem is,

What is the best file format that we can use for us to be able to easily export (or at least save in) that will also allow us to easily extract the data inside that file and save it in the database.


As much as possible, we want it done using codes or libraries that is/are available in either of those 3 languages. Since this project will also be submitted to a company that made this request and not everyone who will be using this is knowledgeable when it comes to third-party programs which is why we would like to refrain from using such and just try our best to add/incorporate it in our program.


or at least any advice on how to do this will help..


Thanks in advance for any help or advice that will be provided ~ cheers

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no ideas?



so at least can anyone tell me if it is possible to use the CSV format to export/import data to and from a mysql database?

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The first thing that comes to my mind is implement XML serialization and deserialization. You can easily implement this using .NET. . Another approach is use the CSV format in a flat file.

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