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My Artwork.

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Just need to know where i am at and what to work on.


Help me to be better.


Made this for the movie thats out Snow white and the huntsman.

I already see what i could have done better remove the big bird on the left and put a dead tree behind.

Anything else you see i am all for criticism.



Image very large so i coded it. Made this for a user on another site Avatar.



I did not make this but i edited it to make a userbar.



I tried to do the graphics in the glasses. Let me know if you like it.



This i made for user.



Did make an awesome Userbar but the site went down where i shared it now i cannot find it on my computer.





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Interesting pieces. Your best is the girl with the glasses.


You need to work with blending, thats your main problem. Your second is focal point. You want to have a good identifiable focal point in your piece so that way the eye is not overwhelmed with everything just cluttered there. It makes it less attractive.

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n while reducing/increasing the size of the render hold shift so tat aspect ratio'll not be spoiled.. orelse it wud look like stretched image..

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Can never go wrong with a hot girl wearing glasses, that's my favorite.

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