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>>>How To Delete The "Evil Undeletable" Files From Your Computer<<<

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>>>How To Delete The "Evil Undeletable" Files From Your Computer<<<



Step 1
The easiest and simple way I could find for someone to delete one of these "evil" files form your computer. This will only take about 45 seconds to delete the file from your computer.
Step 2
Start by simply open Notepad, Word, WordPad, or Paint on your computer.
Step 3
Click File at the top left and then click Save As.
Locate where the file you want to delete is located.
Choose the All Files option from the drag down box File Type.
Click once on the file so that the name of the file appears in the File-name box.
Step 4
Put a " at both the start and end of the file name.
Click save.
It will ask you if you are sure you want to over right the existing file, choose yes. The "undeletable" file will be over writing(deleted) and simple delete the file that you put in its place.

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