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Help !..

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Can anyone Tell me how to install Windows xp from USB flash disc .


That will be wery helpful :) ..thnx

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:D 1st of all U should have done a search on the web.


There is a ton of info on this & how 2 do it so many different ways. That's all I did 2 get U this info I will B providing. So no this is not my Tut but some1 else's I found & decided that it was the easiest 2 get U going with the desired results. Don't get me wrong I am happy some1 asked a "?" things have been slow here @ the Help Desk lately. I am just saying that U could have found this out on UR own.

;) So with out any further delay lets get started shall we?



Install Windows 7, Vista and XP from USB


If you want to make your usb pendrive multiboot bootable which can install windows 7, windows vista, windows XP and other boot CD simultaneously without any coding or programming, just follow following steps. You can use .iso file of Windows xp, Windows 7 or Windows Vista too!!


These are very easy steps which doesn’t require any advanced level knowledge.


1. First of all just format your pendrive using normal format tool.




2. Download WinSetupFromUSB-1-0-beta-7 from the following link




3. Open and run WinSetupFromUSB_1-0-beta-7.exe




After running it you will see screen like below




4. As shown in above image you can see your USB pen drive detected.


After that give path of your windows 7 cd, windows XP cd and other iso file like shown in image below.


You can mount your iso file of windows xp/7/vista in any virtual drive and then use it too.




Now click on ‘GO’.


You can see the process going on. This process will take a few minutes.


After completing the process you can see the message like below.




Click on ‘OK’


That’s IT!!


You are done.


You can now install windows 7 or XP or VISTA from USB port.


Enjoy. ;)

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100% working. Just follow dirtylow


I hav used this method to make pendrive following the above method


dirtylow u rock bro!



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