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Pc going restarting

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hi guys its really paining for me to post my problem in the help section.

prob:pc restarting after some and keep restarting.


what i hav done:

1.changing the rams in different slot.

2.keep one ram there and take off another one .still hav problem.

3.changing cpu that is reinstalling the cpu.still hav prob.

4.removing hdd from pc and booting. still hav prob.

5.setting another hdd and booted still hav prob.

6.booting live os from pendrive still hav problem.

(without any hdd atached)


wat am i concluding:


going to see service center for motherboard (intel dh67cl )


am i right?


plz suggest me.





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Hey cyber.....yea kinda threw me for a loop that YOU are asking for help. :huh:

Sounds like you have covered quite a bit but I will add a few suggestions if you haven't already done so.

1) check all connections.

2) possible power supply issue

3) if stays on long enough try running software that will give temps (possible over heating?)

4) run good av program

5) does pc do this in safe mode?

6) if removing the cpu, r u also replacing the thermal paste?

7) I have to ask this, r u placing the ram in correct slot(s) see pic below.



Also, is this a new build? does your ram match in the bios? are you overclocking?

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ya bro i hav covered all


in BIOS mode its still keep restarting ie without having any os.


ram is mounted in correct slot.


it doesn't give me any time to run AV



cpu paste is there.


SMPS turns to be ok as i hav checked with another one.



Problem sorted:motherboard defected. going to service centre



Thanks for ur co-operation.





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let us know the outcome of your motherboard. Sucks that you have to go that rout.

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Well it seems as though U have sorted this out. I have had a problem like this; it was so long ago, but I think that my fix was 2 reset the GFx Cards. But generally I start stripping it down & getting naked. Then add a component & test, add another & test. When doing this I will clean everything while I have it out 2. I also visually inspect all the fans 2 B sure they R running as the should B. 1 last thing I might add is I will also replace or swap-out the CMOS Batt. If all of that fails I might replace or swap-out the cables including the PSU cord that plugs in2 the wall.


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bro i hav also checked the psu and i hav no graphics card intalled externally.


thanks for ur cooperation.





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You may have BSOD and windows has auto reset on

  1. Click on the Start button and then on Control Panel.
    Tip: In a hurry? Type system in the search box after clicking Start. Choose System under the Control Panel heading in the list of results and then skip to Step 4.

  2. Click on the System and Security link.
    Note: If you're viewing the Small icons or Large icons view of Control Panel, you won't see this link. Simply double-click on the System icon and proceed to Step 4.

  3. Click on the System link.

  4. In the task pane on the left, click the Advanced system settings link.

  5. Locate the Startup and Recovery section near the bottom of the window and click on the Settings button.

  6. In the Startup and Recovery window, locate and uncheck the check box next to Automatically restart.

  7. Click OK in the Startup and Recovery window.

  8. Click OK in the System Properties window.

  9. You can now close the System window.

  10. From now on, when a problem causes a BSOD or another major error that halts the system, Windows 7 will not force a reboot. You'll have to reboot manually when an error appears.

if it comes up with BSOD on bootup download http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html and run it in safemode :cwrocks:

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