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PHP - Update Web Form w/ a Diffrent Web Form - Possible?

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I'm a bit new to php, but have helped develop a couple of projects several years ago - trying to make the time to "re-enter" the php world.


I'm trying to first find out if this idea even can be done - never heard of anything like it: I want to update a web form that was opened via login on one of the ecommerce marketplace websites with another webform I create on my own hosted site. The opened web form (from the logged in website) would already have a template contained in it with spaces where variables would be inserted.


The issue is that I have hundreds of the same type of product in inventory that I want to enter. Each has it's own brand, model number, etc. Basically it's a quick way to create product records without needing to re-enter 12 diffrent variables in several diffrent places withing the inventory record.


I know I could develop something like this via web form and a data base using trim functions or something along those lines, but really want something that gets the inventory entered fast and instantly (versus needing to upload a file).


Thanks for taking the time to look at my idea.





Project: Custom Data Entry Form to Enter Inventory - PHP Web Form.


Project Summary: Script would allow data entry of inventory items via web form. The data entered into the fields within the form would populate one or more {variable} fields contained in the description text within another web form that is open on another website via login on a ecommerce marketplace website.


Rationale: The issue here is that many of the variables that need to be entered have to be retyped and entered over several times when creating a product record. This solution allows the entery of variables just once, and have them recorded in all of the places they need to go automatically within a template.


Variable Data Entry Form:















Actual Inventory Product Record Example Template:



{brand} AC Power Supply Adapter No. {model_number} - (Refurbished)


Product Description:

{brand} AC Power Supply Adapter No. {model_number}. (Refurbished - {condition}). Sku: {sku_number}. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.




Product Details / Specifications:


Brand: {brand}

Model Number: {model_number}

Manufacturer: {manufacturer}

MPN: {mpn}

Input: {input}

Output: {output}

Connecter: {connector_type}

Condition: Condition: Refurbished - {condition}. This item has been inspected, tested and is in full working order. It has no history of being broken or damaged in any way. This item ships in new bulk packaging. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.



:: Regular Price: ${regular_price} - (As New)

:: Our Price: ${our_price} - (Refurbished - {condition}) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.







[!department:Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Power Adapters > Power Converters!]

[!product_type:Electronics > Components > Plug-in Transformers!]

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