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100+ Free Tools For You To Access Blocked Sites

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100+ Free Tools For You To Access Blocked Sites



How many ways have you used to unblocked the internet censorship and get access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and some other sites blocked in your country or area?

I have used a ton, such as Proxy, SSH, VPN and many other anti-censorship tools, since which may be blocked, too, the more you have, the safer you will be.

The following are 100+ free tools for you to access blocked sites:



I. Online Proxy Websites (66)


The main advantage of online proxy websites (or web proxies) is that you don't need to install anything nor to make any configuration, just to look out those pop-up ads.

1. Aniscartujo.com

The Aniscartujo web proxy is workable for both computers and mobile phones.


2. Free Web Proxy

This web proxy allows you to watch YouTube videos as well as to download them in MP4 files.


3. Daveproxy

A UK web proxy which supports JavaScript well.


4. TryCatchMe

The effect of TryCatchMe is nearly same as Daveproxy.

5. Surfagain.com

Surfagain.com is available for you to watch YouTube videos.

6. Online Sonic

Online Sonic will translate the languages of the target websites into French.


7. Megaproxy

The Magaproxy free version is free of pop-up ads.


8. Shield Proxy

This web proxy is very simple with just an address box in its homepage.


9. Psiphon 2

Psiphon 2 is also a web-based proxy service, but you need to be invited and register, and the website URLs are often changed.


10. Glype

Glype is available for you to create your own online proxy website, just by uploading its script to your server.


11. Circumventor

On the website, you will get one URL of a web proxy, if which is blocked, you can subscribe to its lists for more.


12-47. CamoList.com

The owner of the CamoList.com website offers more than 30 online web proxy tools:

  • artclassdrama.com
  • browse007.com
  • browse007.info
  • camo1.info
  • classwork101.com
  • coolkidsonly.org
  • ditchthetests.com
  • downwithitall.com
  • dumbdream.com
  • enoughschool.com
  • erasermaker.com
  • forgotmybooks.com
  • getus.in
  • goodgradesforme.com
  • gumunderthedesk.com
  • gymtimestories.com
  • hiddentunnel.net
  • hidemy.biz
  • letmethruthis.com
  • nobodycanstop.us
  • noclasswork.com
  • noneedhallpass.com
  • nowaytoknow.com
  • plzhidemy.info
  • rebelbrowse.com
  • schoolisgood.com
  • showsomewisdom.com
  • slaptheblock.com
  • sneakmyass.in
  • starscantshine.com
  • studybreakneeded.com
  • studyhardplayharder.com
  • theunblocked.com
  • tothedeans.com
  • tunnel007.com
  • wecantfocus.com

48-65. Polysolve.com

The Polysolve.com website offers 18 links of web proxy tools (including itself):

  • Atunnel.com
  • Backfox.com
  • Btunnel.com
  • Calculatepie.com
  • Ctunnel.com
  • Dtunnel.com
  • Englishtunnel.com
  • Geotunnel.com
  • Mathtunnel.com
  • Newbackdoor.com
  • Polysolve.com
  • SafeForWork.net
  • Safehazard.com
  • Safelizard.com
  • USAtunnel.com
  • Vmathpie.com
  • VPNTunnel.net
  • Vtunnel.com

66. Proxy.org (100+)

There are over 100 workable web proxy tools on the Proxy.org website.


II. Proxy Desktop Clients (11)

There are less or even no ads for proxy desktop clients, though you need to download and install them:

  • Freegate (For Windows, Windows Mobile and some Java mobiles)
  • FreeU (Similar to Freegate and offered by the same website)
  • DanyPass (Similar to Freegate and offered by the same website)
  • UltraSurf For Windows
  • GTunnel (For Windows)
  • Tor (For Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Nokia)
  • GappProxy (For Windows and Linux)
  • Hyk-proxy (For Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • Your Freedom (For Windows and Mac)
  • GPass (For Windows)
  • HTTP-Tunnel (For Windows)


When using any of the above 11 proxy desktop clients, you need to configure the browser’s proxy settings, which process can be more easier with the following two extensions:

  • AutoProxy ( For Firefox)
  • Proxy Switchy (For Chrome)


III. VPN (13)

While proxy is only workable for the application with network configuration, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is workable for all the programs run in your computers, tablets, or mobile phones.


a. Free VPN services without any installation (6)

Most VPN services without installation are workable for computers, mobile phones and tablet PCs in any operation system.

  • Tsunagarumon
  • UFreeVPN
  • USA IP
  • VPN Book
  • Super Free VPN
  • Free VPN Servers


b. Free VPN desktop clients (7)

VPN desktop clients are mainly workable for computer systems.

  • SecurityKiss (For Windows)
  • ProXPN (For Windows and Mac)
  • Hotspot Shield (For Windows and Mac)
  • ExpatShield (For Windows)
  • Cloak VPN (For OS and iOS)
  • Private Tunnel (For Windows and Mac)
  • RaptorVPN (For Windows and Mac)


IV. SSH (3)

As mentioned before, free SSH is not stable, but you can also try the following 3 anyway:

  • Bluessh (Chinese)
  • Usassh.com (Chinese)
  • Alidage.org (Chinese, email address required)


To use SSH, you'll need some assistant tools, such as Tunnelier for Windows, and SSH Tunnel Manager for Mac.


V. Browsers (3)

The best browsers are available for you to access blocked sites.

a. For computer (1)

While Firefox, Chrome, IE and other popular browsers can’t unblock the censorship themselves, Alkasir can.

b. For Mobile Phones (2)

Although there are not so many anti-censorship tools for mobile phones, besides some VPN services and web proxies, you can also check out the following two mobile browsers:

  • Opera Mini
  • Bolt Browser

But the above two mobile browsers are both blocked in China.


VI. IPv6 (1)

If your broadband supports IPv6 access, then you can visit those IPv6 sites directly, if not, you can do that indirectly with some third-party tools, such as gogoCLIENT.

After registration and installation, you can connect Gogo6 and access Google, Twitter, YouTube and some other blocked websites with IPv6 addresses by the following 3 ways:

1. To add .sixxs.org in the end of their domains, like Google.com.sixxs.org for example.

2. To configure an automatic proxy URL in your browser.

3. To edit the hosts file by adding the IPv6 addresses of those blocked sites. For Windows user, you can find the hosts file in the following address:


And you can find out some IPv6 addresses of Google, YouTube, Twitter as well as some other popular blocked sites here (Chinese).


Without IPv6 access, you can also add those unblocked IPv4 addresses of the blocked sites in the hosts file and save it, than you can visit the website directly without any anti-censorship tools. For the IPv4 addresses of a domain, you can find them with OpenDNS.


VII. Others (3)

All the tools mentioned above are available for you to unblock the censorship directly, and you can also get access to those blocked sites indirectly with the following 3 ways:


98. Google Cache

You can visit the cache of the blocked sites if they displays in Google search result pages.


99. Google Translate

With Google Translate, you just need type the URL of the blocked site, and select a language, then you can view the blocked site in the translated language.


100. Google Reader

Most of the sites offer RSS feeds, which you can subscribe and read them with your Google Reader.


Shammy1989 :preved:

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With anonymous VPN account https://www.iwasel.com/en/ you can access with your PC or mobile all blocked web sites, watch TV online or listen radio and use Skype if it is blocked in your region.

Yeah mate.   Sounds great but you forgot to mention the excessive cost after the "trial period" is over.

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I have been using Psiphon 3 and it works very good. I just can't find the original post , just do a search.


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