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SOTW #1 - Competition Entries

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This week's theme is: Freestyle

Rules for Anonymous SOTW:
- All SOTW's will be anonymous.
- All entries must contain CyberPhoenix logo or name in it.
- All entries must contain no identifiable information on it i.e. User names, real names, photos of users, etc.
- If any of of the above mentioned rules not followed, you will be disqualified.
- All entries will be pm'd to me.
- If your signature is found to be posted in another thread on this forum, you will be disqualified from the current SOTW.
- Do not enter signatures that you didn't make.

Rules/Guidelines - Please Read:

- Entries will accepted for a time period of two weeks from the date this thread posted(This may change in future).
- A new thread will be created thereafter for the sole purpose of voting.
- Voting will end on Sunday and then the winner will be announced.

- The dimensions of your sig must not exceed 500 x 200px.
- Entries should not be over 200kB in size.
- All entries over 200kB will be disqualified unless changed before the entry cut-off time.

- You must have made the signature yourself. Do not steal someone else's work. Doing so will get you banned from every SOTW.
- The use of already manipulated images/photos is not allowed. When using an image for your sig, please make sure it's a stock one.
- If you are accused of stealing someone else's work, then you will be asked to PM me your *.PSD (or equivalent) for verification.
- You may only submit 1 entry per SOTW.
- You may not submit a sig that you used in a previous SOTW.
- You may change your entry as many times as you like up until the entry cut-off time.
- The entry must relate to the theme in an appropriate way.
- You must not use any inappropriate content in your work.(No explicit images, racism, etc.)
- Competitors are solely responsible for the validity of their entry. Please make sure your sig adheres to all the rules or it won't be counted!
- Anyone found to have influenced the voting in any way, will be disqualified and banned from all further SOTW's.
- All the regular forum rules apply.

- The winner of each SOTW will receive prestigious SOTW userbar.

Posting Entries:
- Your entry must be accompanied with the URL of your stock image and render.
- Please post you entries in this format:

Please Copy this format & fill in the details:


Your Signature URL Here

[img=Your Signature URL Here]
Your Stock/Render Images Here
Next week's theme:
Your choice here!

Good luck everyone !!

Note: No discussion in this thread please. It should be done in the discussion thread.
If there are any questions feel free to PM the staff or ask in the discussion thread.
Here http://www.cyberphoenix.org/forum/topic/217176-sotw-discussion-thread/

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