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Noooobie need some help with C++

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i am new to programming and got this homework.....i am to use vectors....and i am completely lost..hope someone can assist me....thanks


Write an application that allows the user to create a DVDs inventory. User input the title of the DVS and bonus materials, and that information is stored (a vector would be a great choice).  The application’s menu is provided for you.  You must create a menu as shown below:


Select on the following options:

1-      Enter DVD information

2-      View DVD information

3-      Exit the application

Enter selection: 1


Enter DVD title: Thor the Dark World

Enter DVD length: 90


Enter bonus info title 1: First bonus info

Enter bonus info length 1:10


Enter bonus info title 2: Second bonus info

Enter bonus info length 2: 15


Enter bonus info title 3: Third bonus info

Enter bonus info length 3: 20


Your DVD information was entered successfully!


Enter selection: 2


DVD Information

Title: Thor the Dark World




Bonus Info:

            Title 1: First bonus info

            Length 1: 10

            Title 2: Second bonus info

            Length 2: 15

            Title 3: Third bonus info

            Length 3: 20

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So you  want me  to  do  your  homework? How do  you  think  you will learn this way?


Perhaps you  should  write your  code here,  what  you  have here and  post  it  here...... as well you  can  also  compile the program and  tell  us  what  errors  you get

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Even if you dont want to spend the time to learn how code works, you should still try and do as much of it as you can yourself. search the net for code snippets that can help you get started, then write the rest yourself, compile, run it and see how it works. If you have errors that you cant figure out, then come to us with that. You will learn a whole lot more that way.




tech mod

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