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Former Badlands Bassist Greg Chaisson’s New Band Kings Of Dust New Album Out On 3/17

From Phoenix, Arizona, this album is plush enjoyment from start to finish. Former Badlands/Red Dragon Cartel bassist Greg Chaisson combines his 70s hard rock/traditional metal background with vocalist Michael Thomas Beck, lead guitarist Ryan McKay, and drummer Jimi Taft. This album is not only an enjoyable listen; it is also a little taste of the history of hard rock in its sounds.

  We travel through several songs that capture the 80s rock with "Like An Ocean" and "Upon Reflection " with meaty riffs full of groove. Then we hit a slight slow down in "My Piece of Mine" as it has a more bluesy, almost AOR style.  Tracks like "Ugly" and "Yours Not Mine" feature some gorgeous guitar solos, and you will soon notice that this album is peppered and seasoned generously with classic muddy riffs. And we certainly can't forget the showcasing of Greg's bass skills.


My choice song is without a doubt "Ya, That's Me," and there's a short story why. It instantaneously reminded me of The Rolling Stones, "Can't You Hear Me Knocking." Take a real close to listen to those riffs. The shortest version of the story is I saw The Rolling Stones perform with KISS at the first concert I ever saw (at five years old thanks to my oldest brother). And clear as the day is bright, I remember this song and the memory of that day.

  With an acoustic "swamp," intro "By You" gathers us round to the well-executed union of southern Rock and Americana in "Mama."  "A Little Bit of Insanity" exists to highlight the immense groove-laden riffs purely. And we go out with a smoldering vibrancy with the sludgy  "Keep The Spirit Alive."

  All through this release Kings of Dust incorporate big crunchy guitar playing with a flair for those beloved melodies








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Polaris Release Their Latest “The Death Of Me”

 I've always thought that it would be difficult for a metal scene to proliferate in Australia, seeing as it is so geographically cut off as well as the wild landscape. On the contrary, it seems as though these factors have cultivated some of the most elegant heavy metal outfits that are ushering in the new generation. I'm all for it as we need to keep this precious genre for many more generations. So, I introduce you to Polaris described as a metalcore band from down under. After their first LP in 2017, The Mortal Coil gained momentum touring with Parkway Drive; We Came As Romans, Beartooth, and Architects. The Death of Me proves to be potent-by-way-of-savage. Their pacing throughout this work is brilliant as they step on the detonator to unleash remarkable eruptions of fiery magma with the conviction and imagination to tear right through this metal genre's canvas.


 "Pray For Rain"'s lyrics are massive, and Jamie's vocals kick in like gunfire screaming past you in a pulverizing assault. "Masochist" pulls the listener in with its clean vocals and melodic chorus before it suddenly grabs you by the throat dragging you into a sea of pain. "Hypermania" is very intense and almost disturbing; all screams, the vocals gnaw and scrape at your insides, so you feel the agony. "Landmine" tips out of your speakers with guts and bite, fine modern thrash with edgy riffing, breakdowns, and epic vocals that rage.   Although there is nothing particularly new for the genre here, you still get your dose of slashing riffs, thunderous blast-beat drums, and genuinely savage roars.








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Apocalyptica Debuts New Song, “Live Or Die” Featuring Sabaton’s Joakim Broden

Finland's multi-Platinum cello-rockers Apocalyptica release their brand-new track and music video, "Live Or Die (featuring Joakim Brodén)" (Silver Lining Music).  The song, which boasts what is undoubtedly one of the most effective liaisons in heavy metal - the spellbinding music of Apocalyptica and the potent, iconic vocals of Sabaton's Joakim Brodén - is a fierce battle cry focused on the desecration of our planet. "Live Or Die" was composed by Apocalyptica and recorded in Finland with Apocalyptica and Martin Hansen (Scorpions) producing.   The video, directed by Ville Juurikkala and filmed in Berlin, Germany, on January 25, is a fiery performance piece that features Brodén on vocals.  You can check out the music video HERE;  the track, which will be available exclusively in digital form, can be accessed HERE.


 Apocalyptica and Sabaton have a new but notable history of collaboration.  Most recently, the two bands recorded a version of the 2010 Sabaton track "Angels Calling," released in November 2019, with a companion music video.   In addition, Apocalyptica was Special Guest on Sabaton's just-concluded, critically acclaimed, 15-country European tour, that included Apocalyptica joining Sabaton onstage every night for a half dozen songs.  As one UK reviewer wrote, "The chemistry between the two bands was absolutely incredible.  Apocalyptica was throwing around their cellos just as hard as Sabaton were throwing around their guitars."  

 In support of their current studio album release, the all-instrumental Cell-0 (Silver Lining Music), Apocalyptica - cellists Eicca Toppinen, Perttu Kivilaakso, Paavo Lötjönen, and drummer Mikko Sirén - will kick off the first leg of their 2020 North American tour on May 3 in Orlando, Florida.  The band will bring their moving and bombastic live performances to 20 cities over three weeks wrapping up on May 26 in Boston, MA. With a setlist that will likely vary night to night, Apocalyptica's performances will be comprised of new songs from Cell-0 as well as from the band's rich catalog.  Lacuna Coil will support on all North American dates.

 While Europe will enjoy one of the most engaging, exciting, and "Apocalyepic" events of the year this coming Autumn 2020, when the cello metal giants Apocalyptica unite with Epica to entertain audiences all over the continent, from Budapest to Barcelona, on the Epic Apocalypse Tour. The two will co-headline, showing both a refreshing camaraderie and lack of ego, and will be joined by the exciting, progressive metal band Wheel, who will open each night with their engaging juxtapose of time-defying grooves and in-depth social exploration.


Tickets are on sale now; go to https://www.apocalyptica.com for all pre-sales, VIP packages, and ticketing details.

 Apocalyptica's upcoming and massive 2020 tour itinerary is as follows:


12  Logomo, Turku, Finland

14  Pakkahuone, Tampere, Finland

15  Musiikkikeskus, Kuopio, Finland

27  Tullisali, Oulu, Finland

28  Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki, Finland

 APRIL 13 Échos & Merveilles, Le Bascala, Bruguières, France


 1  Guitar Guinness Record, Wroclaw, Poland


 3   The Plaza Live, Orlando, FL

 4   The Masquerade - Heaven, Atlanta, GA

 6 Emo's, Austin, TX

 7   House of Blues, Houston, TX

 9   Sunshine Theater, Albuquerque, NM

10  The Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ

11  The Mayan, Los Angeles, CA

12  The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA

13  Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR

14  The Showbox, Seattle, WA

15  Queen Elisabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC  Canada

17  Midway, Edmonton, AB  Canada

18  The Palace Theatre, Calgary, AB  Canada

20  First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

21  House of Blues, Chicago, IL

22  The Opera House, Toronto, ON  Canada

23  MTelus, Montreal, QC  Canada

24  Webster Theater, Hartford, CT

25  Webster Hall, New York, NY

26  Big Night Live, Boston, MA


18  Amfiteáter Raca, Bratislava, Slovakia

19  Amfiteáter, Terchova, Slovakia

20  Nummirock Metal Festival, Kauhajoki, Finland


 7  Olavinlinna, Savonlinna, Finland


21  Komplex, Zurich, Switzerland

22  Metropole, Lausanne, Switzerland

23  Fabrique, Milan, Italy

25  Barba Negra, Budapest, Hungary

26  Hala Vodova, Brno, Czech Republic

27  Tonhalle, Munich, Germany

29  Berns, Stockholm, Sweden

30  Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway

31  Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark


 2  Capitol, Hannover, Germany

 3  Docks, Hamburg, Germany

 4  Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany

 6  Progresja, Warsaw, Poland

 8  Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany

 9  Gasometer, Vienna, Austria

21  Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland  

26  Coliseum, Lisbon, Portugal

28  Gamma, Murcia, Spain

29  La Riviera, Madrid, Spain

30  Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain


 3  Zenith, Paris, France

 4  AB, Brussels, Belgium

 5  Roundhouse, London, UK

 7  O2 Academy, Bristol, UK

 8  O2 Academy, Glasgow, UK

 9  Academy, Manchester, UK

11  AFAS Live, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

12  Den Atelier, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

15  Carlswerk Victoria, Cologne, Germany

16  Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany

17  MHP Arena, Ludwigsburg, Germany Follow Apocalyptica on:



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Buffalo Summer - Hit The Ground Running

With NWOCR favourites Those Damn Crows recently hitting the UK top 10, and veterans The Alarm selling out a mega anniversary gig in two minutes, there must be something in the water over in that there Wales. Now, Buffalo Summer are bolstering that idea with this boot-stomping mix of grooves and grunge, spiced up with cool, resonating slide licks.


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The Amblers - Birds and the Bees

Enjoyed the likes of the White Stripes, Black Keys, Royal Blood, Henry's Funeral Shoe, Crown Lands etc etc, and looking for rock's next hot bluesy duo? You might want to give this South African pair a spin. Marrying Rolling Stones flavours with jutting, Jack White-esque bare-bones blues, Birds And The Bees makes an upbeat, charismatic first impression. Singer Justin Swart has a nice beard, too.


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Briston Maroney – The Garden

Smart, seductive alt rock/pop now from Tennessee singer/songwriter Briston Maroney. At once hooky and dreamy, youthful and extremely mature, The Garden is the sort of thing you could imagine Neil Young or Big Star doing if they'd been born this side of the 90s (and listened to a bit of Tame Impala in the process).


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Keylock - Shine On Me

Having turned heads as a teenager with his arsenal of prodigious blues licks, Aaron Keylock seemed to have slipped below the radar. Now, he's back with a bang – and a band, for that matter. With Jonnie Hodson on lead vocals, three further bandmates and gospelly backing singers, Keylock (free to focus on what he loves: the guitar) relaxes into warm, southern-fringed chops and the freeing nature of being part of a gang.




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Thirteen Stars - Mint Jelly

'Oi, ZZ Top called, they want La Grange back!' or so you might think on the strength of those opening notes. But as these raw-throated southern rock renegades get into their stride, Mint Jelly becomes its own thing – still a very retro, cowboy-cooked thing, but deliciously so. Expect tales of lies, swampy moonshine and burials in Mexico City.


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Steve Earle & The Dukes - Devil Put The Coal In The Ground

The years have been good to Steve Earle's creative juices, or so this cracking new single suggests (from his upcoming album with The Dukes, Ghosts Of West Virginia, out in May). Banjos and primal percussion crescendo from rootsy, old-timer work-song beginnings into a huge, haunting mass of droning fiddles and psychedelic hoodoo. So much more than just another piece of beard-stroking country blues.


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