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Tech 425

14 Day Oboom Premium Coupon - CP Contest [Completed]

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bullhorn_goldman.gif  Notice14 Day Oboom Premium Coupon - CP Contest



This Competition is for CyberPhoenix regular members


The 10th member that replies to this thread will win the code for 14 Days of Premium downloads from File Host Oboom.




A very Big Thank you :thankyou:  goes to Darko for this Competition and more :D





Also Become a CyberPhoinix VIP



Become a donator and get special access to special forums.

 When you donate now, you get your name posted in the shoutbox, recognizing that you donated, and publicly Thanking you. :)

 Benefits of Donating:

 ► Respect of all of our staff, mods, and members.

 ► Access to our special VIP forums.

 ►A Green name color.

 ► A custom member title. (Instead of teacher you could be l337 Donator)

► NEW!!!! Premium Download from over 50 File sharing services


►In depth tutorial on how to activate windows (including windows 7 & 8) / office & receive windows updates!

 ► #1 Priority when you request in VIP Requests.

 ► You get to have an email like yournamehere@cyberphoenix.org (PM for info!)

 ► Max PM storage from 50 to 10,000.

 ► Can DELETE your own posts.

 ► Avoid all Flood Control Limits.

 ► Can change your display name max of two times every 30 days. (PM for info!)

 ► Can request, and get #1 priority, in the shoutbox. :)

 This package will allow you to obtain VIP status. In addition to recognition, you'll be helping the community that you love!



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Come on members, start posting. By the way, I shouldn't be able to win it as I am not a regular member, because my status shows me as an advanced member. :D 

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:) I was the 1st to reply and now the 10th :)


But as I don't do much downloading I ask Tech 425 to Please pass me winning to WykydWytch :D



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 bullhorn_goldman.gif         WykydWytch is the Winner :)

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