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Where was this Teacher when I went to Catholic School

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Female Catholic school teacher had 'sex' with 15 year old in class




Kathryn Ronk, the 29 year old sacked for sex with a 15 year old pupil in a classroom at a Catholic private school.



A Catholic school teacher has been accused of having sex with a 15 year old student in class, the Bishop Foley Catholic School has confirmed.



The teacher, a 29 year old Spanish teacher handed herself in to the local Detroit Police as a result of allegations that she had sex with an underage student in a classroom at a private school in the city.

The teacher, Kathryn Ronk, handed herself in after the student’s parents complained to the school following a debrief with the student.

The child has said that he and the teacher had sex after Spanish class on several occasions inside the actual classroom.

She has been charged with five count of sexual misconduct according to the local TV station, WXYZ-TV.

The teacher has lost her job as a result of the charges, the NY Daily News report.

Local officials have said that she may face more charges arising from other schools and other students.

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Hmm, why all the fuss?   Many, many MALE predators within the Catholic Church have got away with it for decades.

Why come down on her?

That being said she did act in breach of her duties.

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