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Microsoft ends Windows 7 mainstream support

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Popular desktop operating system Windows 7 will not get any more software support from now as it has reached the end of its product life cycle.




The five-year-old Windows 7, which has already been succeeded by Windows 8 and the soon-to-be-launched Windows 10, will not get any more new features from Microsoft. However, it will still get security updates from the company until January 2020.


Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (both enterprise and standard versions) will also get only security updates from now.


World's biggest software maker, Microsoft had announced in July 2014 that it will end mainstream support for Windows 7 from January 2015.


Microsoft had ended support for Windows XP, including security updates, last year.


Windows XP support ends: 7 things to know


Windows 8 will get mainstream support till January 9, 2018, while security patches for the operating system will continue till January 2020.


Microsoft is currently focusing on the release of Windows 10, which has been delayed till September 2015. The company is expected to announce more details about its latest OS at an event scheduled for January 21. Windows 10 is the company's effort to bridge the gap between the software used in desktops, smartphones and other devices.

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Could this be the end! It has long been suspected that Windows 10 has many bugs....:





But one has to ask.....why is/has it been given out free?

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The age of rental software is being jamed down our throats.  and to get the full benfits of windows 10 make sure you alow  cortana to spy on you.

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