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Software Engineering

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I don't know whether this is the proper question for this forum BUT I desperately need help on a school assignment. Its a software engineering case study which you can see below. Your assitsnce will be greatly appreciated.



Your company has been awarded a contract to develop Child Care Software for Neñios Day Care Center (NCC). The software should maintain a database of Family, Child, and Payroll information. Users of the software shall have the ability to add/update/delete all information based on their access levels. All employees (managers, teachers, admin staff, etc.) will be identified by a unique login ID and given a default password. The employee first and last name should be stored.

The general requirements for the software are as follows:

  • Any changes in the database (add or update) the user ID and time of change should be stored on the record.
  • The system must respond to all requests within 20 seconds.
  • A web-based solution.
  • The ability for an employee to update the password is optional.
  • The software shall support the ability to store, update, maintain, and delete of Family & Child Information, Family and Child Billing, and Payroll information as specified in Amendment A.

Amendment A

Family and Child Information, Store and track child, parent and family information Data including but not limited to:

  • Parent names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts, authorized pick ups, etc.
  • Child Name, Birth Date, Class, Special Needs, Photo, etc.
  • Immunization tracking information: recording immunization types, physicals and dates
  • Classroom Tracking & Scheduling
  • Classrooms, programs, activities, schedules, etc
  • Immunization Software, Alerts you when an immunization is needed and prints reports showing immunization dates and immunization due notices for parents.
  • Waiting List & Potential Customer Tracking
  • Daily Reminders, upcoming appointments, contract renewals, etc.
  • Customer Log Notes, Maintain records of correspondence with parents, child's special needs, incident reports, and more.
  • Reports:
    • Call Sheets, Sign In & Out Sheets
    • Customer Directories
    • Daily Classroom & Center Enrollment Reports
    • Birthday Lists & Child Age Reports
    • Parent/Child Cross Reference Reports
    • Family Registration Information
    • Immunization Due & History Reports
    • Child Enrollment/Withdrawal Reporting
    • Child Notes & Comments Reports


Family and Child Billing, track each family’s balance including their child care billing history of registration fees, tuition charges, family discounts and payments received:

  • Billing History, history of registration fees, tuition charges, family discounts and payments.
  • Late Fees & Balance Due Notices, late payment fees and print balance due notices to all families who are past due.
  • Receipt Printing
  • Reports:
    • Customer Account Balance (Notice)
    • Account Activity Report

    [*]Billing of tuition based on actual attendance (Attendance Tracking).

    [*]Overtime and hourly billing for late pick ups and extra hours


  • Pay check, Calculates pay period hours, determines gross pay, applies all withholdings, and prints checks
  • Overtime
  • Withholds and reports tax information such as state, federal, SUTA, FUTA, and FICA
  • Reports
    • Employee Earnings Withholdings Summary (W2)
    • Total Revenue Reports


  • Login is required for all users
  • Users can be divided into groups and access is granted on a per group basis(for example you may want to allow only the managers group to view, update, or delete payroll information)



Q1: Prepare SRS & proposed a model to do the job?

Q2: Generate test cases for the above study.

Q3 Generate cost estimation factor for the case study.

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Good Day,


Im not much of a software engineer myself since my job concerns more on the Server Side but way back when i was still studying i have a lot of help from this website (a1vbcode.com). It has tones of example projects specially for Visual Basic and most of the projects here is running and they even share the code itself so you can learn from their examples and if you are in a hurry you can just edit their work but dont forget to give them some point if your making a Thesis there should be an acknowledgment and you can mention and say thanks to the author.


Hope this helps a few

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DAYUMM!!! I'll get back to ya on this one. It may take some time. How long do you have? Send me a PM so I get a notification and not forget about it. Thanks!

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This is a relational database with several querys . If you have not been taught about relating several attributes assinging primary keys you will be in trouble big time.Software engineering entails as thus:



1) Define the problem (Question)

2) Analysis

3)Indentify alternative solutions

4)Evalute solution

5)Select best alertnative solution

6)Implement solution

7)Testing (recurring )





Marks are given on these steps ,not coding which is the last thing a rubric by exam markers . On databases it is normalisation to avoid duplication by indefiying attributes ..Metaphor is :programming with algorithms , Pseudocode ,dry run and data testing which are given full marks ,coding again comes last.This approach is universal on writing good programs.Programming is not software engineering ,but part of the steps deducing the specification.

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I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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