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Bonjour! Purple Panda Here!

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Yes my topic says hello in French, I'm American though but upon seeing all other topics mostly saying the same thing I had to do something different. I used to be a moderator for a few other forums in the past but it's pretty much ancient history. I have some programming knowledge and design experience in Photoshop but my biggest asset is my knowledge of air conditioning. If you have any questions I'm your guy. 

Nice to meet you all! 



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Hi Purple Panda, welcome to CyberPhoenix and I hope you enjoy your stay. Please follow our rules and please ask if you need help.

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Welcome to our wonderful family. I hope you enjoy your stay and make many new friends here. If you need any help at all finding your way around or just have a question please feel free to message any staff member and we will be happy to help anyway we can. 

Invite your friends to hang out here with us also we welcome all who get along and abide by our rules. please read them carefully to avoid any issues as we truely dont like to point out problems.


Thank You

Cyberpheonix Family

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