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Erunt registery back-up tool

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The Emergency Recovery Utility NT


I'v used this tool since win 98   it has been a life saver  it backs up your registry totally, all the hive's

with the present windows I found you have to run it manually so dont bother with the installer

grab the zip file extract run the exe as admin or it will fail!  I have done this with win 10 64bit also have used it with win 7

although I have not tried to restore the register with my win 10 machine, but It gives me comfort to know I have a copy.

ps you can restore the registry from a command line if you need. for the times windows wont boot




ERUNT Setup supports command line switches,
e. g. for silent installations. More information

If you prefer a version without installer
or intend to use ERUNT on Windows NT 3.51
where the installer won’t work,
download the zipped version instead:

erunt.zip (501 KB)





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