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When I open the task scheduler a popup show 'the selected task.. no longer exits. to see the current tasks, click refresh'. I have to click OK to close the numerous error popup. In 'services' the task   scheduler properties all tabs is gray out automatic is grey out, but it showed automatic and running. Is there anyway to solve these problem. My OS. Windows 7 ultimate SP1. Thanks.

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this sounds like rogue software.. have u recently installed any new software.. sometimes programmers sneak in additional software, also known as piggybacking.. i would first off download Malwarebytes, run it, have ur Personal A/V do a final sweep.. if this doesnt fix the problem run Microsoft System File Checker.. look below in the coded links for a place to get the newest Malwarebytes with candy and then below that is sort of guide for fixing corrupted Windows file..




Malwarebytes Premium DC 05.10.2017 Multilingual


Microsoft System File Checker


I really hope i wasnt too late to help u out.. Please if u need anymore help please ask and i would glad to remedy any problems for u..  :sun:

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