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Bitdefender 2017 problem

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I just upgraded to bitdefender 2017 and now can't get past it blocking any patch or keygen. I have added the folder to the exception list, but i still will not allow me to patch a file. I have tried to turn off everything I can find ,but it still is able to block my update. Anyone know how to get past this problem? Thanks for any help.

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Probably a bit late for advice, but when you are installing new software with patches, firstly go down to your antivirus program icon and close it - so your PC is no longer protected, then run all of your new software installations, patches or whatever, reboot and then run your antivirus programs to clear out any Trojans, Worms, or viruses the new patches, or whatever, tried to install. QED.


I protect my "C" drive with Deep Freeze Standard and I download and unpack to "D" so I can't infect my OS and supporting software with anything I don't want - doubly protected by both a partition and Deep Freeze.



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