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Greetings One and All

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Been looking for a warez forum; been a while since I was involved with one.


Warez forums seems to have wandered off into getting spoiled by everyone and their brother wanting to make file sharing a paying job to download. So purposely they pick the sites that are very slow to download, want you to jump through hoops to access, or just generally annoying to use.


Finally got fed up with it and went elsewhere. Yes there are places that still support the idea that getting a file should not be a challenge or major task to access. Its just they are rare and hard to find.


Speaking of hard to find, Google has done it's share to make finding such sites as these more difficult to locate. The old timey standards no longer exist.


I'll wrap this up with having already read the rules. As long a set as they are, I'll probably have to read them again to help it stick. This will save the mods having to say, "Read the rules" which has always seemed to have been a required custom forever when responding to noob posts.

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Welcome to Cyberphoenix


Just so you know, if you become a CyberPhoenix VIP we can convert those slow download links to High Speed links :)

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Hi Disassembled,, welcome to CyberPhoenix and I hope you enjoy your stay. Please follow our rules and please ask if you need help.

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