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Windows 10 prices

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Hi there.


I'm careful when using Operating systems. I'm not one to try the downloaded - hacked version of my Operating system.

But buying Windows 10 at $120 is just too much for me (having a household of 4 computers).


I found some great deals on sites that sell CD Keys for $ 85 (I think I'm not allowed to share the site details - admin?).

But that is still a lot of money!


And then I found people selling Windows Keys on e-bay for $5... for Windows 10 Pro!

I thought it must be a scam!!!


But for $5 I'm willing to try it.


I read through the reviews of several sellers until I found one that looked trustworthy.


So, I paid the $5 and a day later I had my CD key for Windows 10 Pro.




Tried it, and it worked perfectly.

It's a month later and Windows 10 Pro is still running perfectly.



Maybe this advise can save somebody some money too.



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