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AMD Ryzen 5 UK Pricing Leaked: Quad Core And Hexa Core from £169

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AMD Ryzen 5 UK Pricing Leaked: Quad Core And Hexa Core from £169



The AMD Ryzen 5 1600X will also arrive on 11th April


We're just a couple of weeks away from what should be the most exciting AMD Ryzen launch; the Ryzen 5 series, and while we already know the US price for these new CPUs, the UK pricing has just leaked at UK retail site CCL.



CCL leaked the prices of the Ryzen 5 CPUs. Till now only the dollar price was known


The Ryzen 5 series is AMD's weapon against the highly popular mainstream Intel CPUs such as the Core i5-7600K, and enthusiasts are very keen to see how AMD's CPUs fare here as the company is set to offer six-core/12-thread CPUs for the same price as Intel's quad cores.


The Core i5-7600K doesn't even have hyper-threading - it's limited to just four threads compared to 12 for AMD's Ryzen 5 1600 and 1600X, which were officially announced this week. At the moment, the Core i5-7600K retails for around £230, which sits just below the Ryzen 5 1600X at £250 and above the Ryzen 5 1600 at £220, both of which sport far more threads - even than the Core i7-7700K.
Meanwhile, AMD's four-core Ryzen 5 1500X costs just £190 according to CCL, which is a 4-core/8-thread CPU, yet it costs £60 less than Intel's Core i5-7600K. The pricing is perhaps a bit unsurprising as it matches up with the Ryzen 7 launch, which had dollar and pound pricing roughly aligned, with some variation amongst retailers on launch day.
The Ryzen 5 CPUs will also be doing battle with Intel's non K-edition CPUs. For example, the Core i5 7500 is a 4-core CPU that retails for £190, and this could well be undermined by AMD's cheaper 4-core/8-thread Ryzen 5 CPUs, which are overclockable, while the Intel CPU is not. This could mean that AMD is even more competitive than it was with the Ryzen 7 series. Meanwhile, AMD has issued several community updates about how to fine-tune a Ryzen system and pick the best memory. forbes
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