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Recommendation software for web-based log-in text editors

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I have been looking for a web based text writing platforms with log in option. If possible then even organised files. On older days we had just pastebin with page ends to remember, but not a lot of platforms offer log-in. 

What I need is safe way to log in from any computer, and fast to edit, copy, add simple text and organize them. Google Docs is obviously good choice, but it is just slow and clumsy, even with 32GB RAM/ 4-core processor and SSD-s. Its just not for the purpose of simplistic text I need to go through. Secondly I often have suspicion to add my personal gmail or other accounts to different work computers etc. Therefore I prefer dummy log-ins, that would not be traceable if I access them from my personal computer. So I can securely log in from PC and copy, edit, remove the text without having time, IP or other info left behind. I have no problem anyone seeing what I write (does not need to be secure site at all), not sensitive info what I work on, I just don´t want to leave my personal info behind.

1.  https://writer.bighugelabs.com/
​2.  https://pastebin.com/
3.  https://markable.in/
4.  http://www.tryscribble.com/
5.  https://draftin.com/

Thus far I have been using bighugelabs - its just less than 5 seconds to log-in and access my text. Its really simple, which I like and it allows having several different files. Pastebin with log-in is also great option now. Others are more off fallback versions for me. I was wondering to ask around if any of you know something similar and can recommend. The simplistic, fastest it is the better. Possibility to organize files would be big plus. Thank you.

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