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Netflix has thousands of hidden categories.

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Netflix has thousands of hidden categories.






There are over 3000 hidden categories on Netflix that require a “secret” code to access and someone took the time to list them all.


The number combination, or “secret code” is appended at the end of the URL, after /browse/genre, and acts like a genre itself.


The sub-categories on the list range from 'Comedies Starring Eddie Murphy' (I just found out Trading Places is on Netflix) to 'Critically-Acclaimed British Crime Movies', the things we've always wanted but never knew how to find…right? With such specific categories like these, you'll no longer have to waste hours figuring out what to watch.









The list is divided by genres, like Anime and Comedies, and beneath each one you get to pick the specific ones you'd like to watch. It includes categories for younger viewers too, like 'Education for Kids' and 'Disney'.


Some of these you can find by searching for a keyword, but it's handy to have all the categories in one big list.



Here is the Big List - Note: You have to sign into Netflix when you click a Movie


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