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Historical Subsection

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Hi. Would it be possible to have a subsection for Historical (fiction or Non-Fiction) under E-Books and Video Tutorials. I know you have difficulty getting contributors to post in the right places but, in my experience, those interested in History are responsible and would like to share their contribution to like-minded people. I have a lot to share but reluctant to post in into such diverse forums.

I would add that Cyberphoenix is an amazing forum and I would like to thank all contributors for their stirling work and generosity.

Thank You

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Hello Jiminisky,


Your idea will go into consideration, But like you said not sure as we do have a big problem with posters posting in the right section (Don't understand why as it's not hard to post in the right section - A 4 year old can :) )


But the tagging system does work Great, Post your Ebooks and put "Historical or History" in the Tag Box



Thank you
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