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Sometimes Things Get Complicated

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▼▼ Sometimes Things Get Complicated - MasatoEM - PSD Download MediaFire  ▼▼


I made this piece directly after having a super terrible CORRUPTED Photoshop sadness go down. My 3D was completely grayed out, and overall functionality was essentially hit and miss, I finally got this thing doing what  it needs to with a fresh installation.  


I've also decided to share the PSD with you all as well via MediaFire since you know, sometimes things get complicated :P 


This art was inspired by both the complication of the Photoshop, and Deadmau5's song "Sometimes Things Get Complicated". Though I wasn't listening to it at the time of creation (actually The Simpsons was on), I made this wallpaper. 




Hope the PSD is useful to you all in some way :P 


DOWNLOAD "Sometimes Things Get Complicated" 1080p Wallpaper PSD for FREE at CyberPhoenix.org Graphics Section by MasatoEM - MediaFire link (CyberPhoenix Exclusive PSD):




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- Seriously... I don't care :| 

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