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MultiBoot 2016 Final ISO + Win 10 PE USB hirens boot 15.2

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MultiBoot 2016 Final ISO + Win 10 PE - USB hiren's boot 15.2 | 1.5 GB


Win 10 PE iso, download rescue tool, USB rescue boot, create bootable CD, download Win mini. PC-Laptop Survival Tool.
MultiBoot 2016 + Win 10 PE is one of the most amazing computer salvage tools available to computer users, especially for those who love to explore the toolbox of this computer rescue tool. .
For the purpose of rescue the computer most necessary, professional, most secure. Rescue, install Windows, split & partition, create & split drives, create ghosts, ghost recovery, restore the operating system, recover lost data
What's New 2016
Fast boot time
Support both standard boot and legacy boot
The Dos tool is still the same as hiren's boot 15.2 CD.
Win 10 PE with the necessary applications for rescue, win, split drive, create partition, cut bad sectors, create ghost backup restore operating system, extract ghost, fix operating system error, HDD, SDD, USB hard drive tester ..... data recovery when lost, hard drive health check ...
Can listen to music, entertainment, surf the web, play games ....
There is an Internet connection.
Can write to disk or usb are bootable.
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:thankyou::yourock:Thanks very much Meera169:sun:

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