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Animal Capturing Service

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Animal Capturing Service

The director of a local municipal zoo, was quite unhappy to find that the large aggressive Ape had broken free from his cage and was roaming throughout the city. 

While expert at caring for animals, had had no experience in capturing them.

The zoo director looked in the Yellow Pages and found a listing for the Animal Capturing Service. 

He called them and within 1 hour, their truck arrived at the zoo.

A small man emerged from the truck and rushed to the director, who was waiting at the door. “Is there a wooded area in the neighbourhood?” the little man asked.

The director said there was, about a half mile away. “Hop in the truck,” the little man said.

The director did and they drove off. Minutes later they arrived at a small grove and immediately
spotted the ape in a tree on a branch.

The two men got out, went to the back of the truck, and the little man opened the door.

An excited little dog jumped out and began running around in circles.

The little man took out a suitcase out of the truck, in the suitcase were a pair of handcuffs, a baseball bat, and a sawed-off shotgun.

“Now,” the little man said, “I’m going up into the tree with the baseball bat, and I’m
going to knock the ape out of the tree. 

The instant the ape hits the ground, the dog will grab the ape by the crotch. The ape, instantly and instinctively, will grab at his crotch with both hands. You snap the handcuffs on and we’ve got him.”

The zoo director, said, “I’m not too sure about this. What’s the gun for?”

The little man said, “Look, I’m an expert. I know what I’m doing and things will go just fine. After all, I have the baseball bat. I know my job and it’ll never happen. 

But if the ape should, by any chance, manage to knock me out of the tree……. shoot the dog!”

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Good backup Plan... Grin...

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Ahahahahahahahahahaha...Rotflmfao..henhenhen!!  :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

I swear,..UK666,..you know how to tell'em! lol! :goodpost:

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