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Farmer buys a rooster

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Farmer buys a rooster

A farmer decided that he needed to go into town to buy a new rooster, since his current one was getting too old, and none of the hens were laying any eggs.

So, the new rooster gets brought back to the farm, and runs into the cunning old rooster. 

The devious old one says to the young rooster "Listen bud,  the hens will only accept you after you have earning the right"

"How can I earn it?" asked the young rooster, eager to learn.

"You only have to beat me in a race around the chicken's coop."

So, the race started, and the old rooster got an early lead. 

But when the crafty old rooster had almost reached the finish line, he slowed down and the young rooster started to catching up, and was only a few inches behind, when the farmer shot the young rooster dead in his tracks.

"God dammit!" yelled the farmer. 

"That's the third gay rooster I purchase this week!"

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