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Cutting Links Puzzle

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Cutting Links Puzzle


A jeweller is asked to join four small 3-link chains (shown) into a large circular 12-link chain. 

In order to join two closed links, one of the links needs to be cut, placed onto the other link, and then closed.

The clever jeweller finds a creative way to make the circular chain while cutting as few links as possible. 

How many links does he cut and what does he do?



The answer is not 4



The jeweller need only cut 3 links, all from the same 3-link chain. 

He can then take the 3 links he cut and use them to join the 3 remaining small chains together.


Did you solve the puzzle?

Was it easy?

Tell us in the section below!

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u know ur killing me with these puzzles.. im always so dumbfounded when i see the answers.. they r always so obvious.. :lol:

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