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The poor gardener

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The poor gardener

There was this poor gardener working in a ship-owners villa. 

One day his employer decided to further reward him for his excellent work, by inviting him to a formal dinner alongside his ship-owner cronies. 

During the evening in question, all guests were conversing with one another while the gardener sat in the corner, listening. 

The employer announces to the others, "this year I sent my wife to Hawaii for a couple of months so she could relax, while I stayed behind working"

The ship-owner cronies also joins in.  

"Ah, I sent mine to Monte Carlo for a full month" Said one.

"And I sent mine to Copacabana for 20 days” Said the other.

At that point, the gardener’s employer decides to tease him a bit, "do tell us George, where did you send your wife on vacation this year?”

"Ah," Replies the gardener.

"We sir are poor people, so we have to screw our wives ourselves"

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Betcha that's what happened...  :thumbup:

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