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DigitalXModels - Vol. 23 - Small Appliances

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DigitalXModels - Vol. 23 - Small Appliance


DigitalXModels - Vol. 23 - Small Appliances | 69.16 MB

Just looking at these models makes me want to hang out in my kitchen. Well maybe not my kitchen. But, these models do make me daydream about kitchens sort of. Yeah that's a lie. I really don't. Alright, I think what we can all agree on is that these kitchen appliances are pretty darn slick even if they are 3D models.

That's the indisputable truth, my friends. Blenders, toasters, cookers, coffee makers, fryers, grills 25 models comprise this collection. Be like my buddy Emeril, and kick it up a notch!

Universal: .3ds, .obj, .fbx | Textures included | Materials Included



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