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Multiple URLs Checker Online Tool

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Multiple URLs Checker Online Tool v1.1.1



This tool allows you to check one or multiple links by getting the HTTP header.

You can test sites, trackers and so on.. 
By entering urls line by line you'll get the status code and other useful information.

Check URLs!
Due to server capability please put 50 URLs max. 
This tool will ignore 50th+ URLs




- Added requests number in footer
- Added changed 'URLs per user' to 'URLs per request'


- Added dynamic footer and header
- Added visitor number
- Added total links checked
- Added link per visitor
- Added header menu
- Fixed page title
- Added specific results' table CSS
- Added cellpadding to results table
- Added blank line warning
- Fixed blank line notes and row color


- Added sponsor banner
- Added script time
- Added links checked counter
- Changed font to "Roboto"
- Fixed result table size
- Added rows color
- Fixed blank line error


- First public release

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