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Dotfuscator Professional Edition 4.39.0

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Dotfuscator Professional Edition 4.39.0


Protect and Secure your .NET Code

Dotfuscator is a .NET Obfuscator & much more. It provides enterprise-grade app protection, greatly reducing the risk of piracy, intellectual property theft and tampering. Our layered obfuscation, encryption, watermarking, auto-expiry, anti-debug, anti-tampering and alerting and defense technology provide protection for hundreds of thousands of applications around the world.

How easy is it to Decompile .NET apps?

All .NET applications and libraries are compiled to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). MSIL maintains high-level information about your code including its structure and class, field, method, property and parameter names. With a free decompiler, it is very easy to recreate the source code. Obfuscation and related techniques can make it much more difficult for a hacker or competitor to reverse-engineer your application.

Why use a .NET Obfuscator?

By making a .NET application much more difficult to reverse-engineer, you can help protect against intellectual property (trade secret) theft, bypassing licensing or other access checks, and searching for vulnerabilities.

How does Obfuscation and Code Protection Work?

Various different techniques that complement each other are used to create a layered defense to make reverse engineering, tampering, debugging much more difficult. Some examples include:

  • Rename Obfuscation
  • String Encryption
  • Control Flow Obfuscation
  • Unused Code and Metadata Removal
  • Binary Linking/Merging
  • Dummy Code Insertion
  • Instruction Pattern Transformation
  • Opaque Predicate Insertion
  • Anti-Tamper Wrapping
  • Anti-Debug Wrapping
  • Root Check for Xamarin.Android
  • Watermarking
  • Security Alerts
  • Custom Response to Tamper or Debugging

Learn more about additional .NET Code Protection and Security features here.



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