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Here's What 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G And 5G Actually Mean!

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Here's What 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G And 5G Actually Mean!


1. 1 G


1G, the first generation of the phone was developed around the 1990s. The connection of these phones was purely analog and the phones looked like the ones seen in the above picture. Only voice calling was possible on these phones!

2. 2G

2G, actually made the texting possible. It became a real thing to actually send texts over which was not possible before, so it was really a great step forward in the technological world!

3. 3G


3G, actually made video calling possible. However, there were some disturbances and the picture quality were also not at par. It took a while to download the data on 3G, but it is much better than the 2G technology!

4. 4G

4G, revolutionized the gaming world! The speed is too much better than the 3G phones and video calling is also possible in an uninterrupted manner!

5. 5G


Is it very different to 4G? Yes, it's a brand-new radio technology, but you might not notice vastly higher speeds at first because 5G is likely to be used by network operators initially as a way to boost capacity on existing 4G (LTE - Long-Term Evolution) networks, to ensure a more consistent service for customers. The speed you get will depend on which spectrum band the operator runs the 5G technology on and how much your carrier has invested in new masts and transmitters.

The fastest current 4G mobile networks offer about 45Mbps (megabits per second) on average, although the industry is still hopeful of achieving 1Gbps (gigabit per second = 1,000Mbps). Chipmaker Qualcomm reckons 5G could achieve browsing and download speeds about 10 to 20 times faster in real-world (as opposed to laboratory) conditions.


5G will provide the speed, low latency and connectivity to enable a new generation of applications, services and business opportunities that have not been seen before.

There are three major categories of use case for 5G:  

  1. Massive machine to machine communications – also called the Internet of Things (IoT) that involves connecting billions of devices without human intervention at a scale not seen before.   This has the potential to revolutionise modern industrial processes and applications including agriculture, manufacturing and business communications.    
  2. Ultra-reliable low latency communications – mission critical including real-time control of devices, industrial robotics, vehicle to vehicle communications and safety systems, autonomous driving and safer transport networks.   Low latency communications also opens up a new world where remote medical care, procedures, and treatment are all possible
  3. Enhanced mobile broadband – providing significantly faster data speeds and greater capacity keeping the world connected.  New applications will include fixed wireless internet access for homes, outdoor broadcast applications without the need for broadcast vans, and greater connectivity for people on the move. 

For communities, 5G will enable the connection of billions of devices for our smart cities, smart schools and smart homes, smart and safer vehicles, enhance health care and education, and provide a safer and more efficient place to live.

For businesses and industry, 5G and IoT will provide a wealth of data allowing them to gain insights into their operations like never before. Businesses will operate and make key decisions driven by data, innovate in agriculture, smart farms and manufacturing, paving the way for cost savings, better customer experience and long term growth.

New and Emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality will be accessible by everyone.  Virtual reality provides connected experiences that were not possible before. With 5G and VR you will be able to travel to your favourite city, watch a live football match with the feeling of being at the ground, or even be able to inspect real estate and walk through a new home all from the comfort of your couch.

5G will keep us connected in tomorrow’s smart cities, smart homes and smart schools, and enable opportunities that we haven’t even thought of yet.


5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband and IoT will revolutionise agriculture and farming.

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Yep I want 5G and I'm in talks with putting 5G on Pluto and when the Note 10 comes out I will visit Earth :)

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Ya forgot to mention that the Owners of 5G who have installations on rooftops of apartments within typical city dwellings, will have "much stronger radiation RF" to contend with due to necessity for more power needed to have the same footprint as 4G, with thus making human life more susceptible to the big C - cancer...??..! !

Of course all of the above has been debunked by "big cell providers/owners" who helped write the government regs for the 5G systems...  Duh...

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On 5/30/2019 at 3:30 PM, Tech 425 said:

Yep I want 5G and I'm in talks with putting 5G on Pluto and when the Note 10 comes out I will visit Earth :)

Can't wait! Bring some Pluto beer!  :lol:

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