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nVidia Shield or Other NetFlix Style Based Local Organizer

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<<< i basically want a NetFlix style feel program that allows me to sharing the same look on 3 different computers all on one local wireless network, using 5 different 3.1 USB HDD's running on a standard 2Ghz/5Ghz router using wireless cards/usbs/adapters on a 1Gbps wireless connection >>>


maybe im thinking of a different product.. so i have like upwards of around 7000+ movies on my computer with over 300+ tv shows with all of the seasons and episodes.. can i use this product here to basically turn my computer into NetFlix for myself?? im not terribly worried about using other steaming sources online, but i do have a Real-Debrid account and on Firday when i finally move into my new place ill have ridiculously fast internet download & upload.. that is what im looking for.. i want to be able to load a program up or hardware if need be and when it loads it basically has all of my movies, tv shows, anime, documentaries, etc. accessible from one easy view-able location possibly like i mentioned a NetFlix like feel or something along those lines.. instead of what i have which is nothing, i have to basically load each episode in VLC player or movie.. with that much content i have, its very hard to remember what i actually have lol.. i want a piece of software or hardware to do the work of my memory for me lol.. and ive tried every catalog software out there for movies and such and also tried i think it was called Plex and none of it was my cup of tea so to speak.. can any of u all think of anything that might possibly do what i thinkin of, please assist.. thank u kindly.. :yourock:


another super important fact i actually left out is this.. almost half of my movies are titled like this below >>>

  • 2 Guns
  • 6 Bullets (2012)

while the other half are titled like this, cuz of the fact those r the correct names from downloading the files online >>>

  • 8.Seconds.1994.720p.WEBRip.x264-[YTS.AM]
  • Fat.Guy.with.a.Shotgun.2019.720p.WEBRip.800MB.x264-GalaxyRG
  • I.Trapped.The.Devil.2019.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO

now will the service programs that any of u suggest, recognize these different title movies and catalog them properly or will they clobber the names all up?? cuz if the program doesnt properly recognize the movie, anime or tv show then how is it supposed to add the proper metadata or .srt files or image/photo/banner.. that really is the whole point of all this, so in the end the media setup looks like NetFlix or Amazon or others like that (im just using NetFlix or Amazon as a standard look, cuz they offer the best aesthetics and feel).. 

if they dont for instance, is there any other programs out there that will in essence catalog the movie or tv show titles like the ones above for me, to use in a program u suggest??

one last thing is that i want this on my main computer in my bedroom, but i also want to link it to my son's computer in his room and the living room computer.. that way when he is in his room he can browse my movie/tv show listings just like NetFlix and watch them from his room, same as in the living room for when im entertaining guests or what not.. will said suggested program allow for me to wirelessly connect and stream the movies to the other 2 computers/tv's??

im working with 5 different 3.1 USB external HDD's that contain all of the content and a standard 2Ghz/5Ghz router on a basically 1Gbps wireless internet connection.. if that helps assist anyone.. im telling u this, cuz maybe i might need different hardware to do what i what to do, such as different router or wireless needs.. please let me know.. 

i know i have asked for a lot here, but i know in my head exactly what im looking for and at this point i dont mind actually spending money if need be, but of course free is always the way to go, hence asking for help on a warez forum.. lmao.. so i basically want a NetFlix style feel that allows me to sharing the same look on 3 different computers all on one local wireless network, if possible ;)

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Well I'm going to get the new ShieldTV 2019 and turn on the Plex Server

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