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Trouble With Latpop Battery Not Calibrating to Full Charge, Screen Flickering

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I have a Gateway laptop model NE56R. As of Friday, it will not properly calibrate the battery charge, will not charge it to 100%, it stops normally in the 90s%, most often  in the low 90s%. And when the power adapter is plugged in, the screen flickers, as if going between normal brightness and battery-saver dimmer, and the laptop beeps. But with no power plugged in, running just off of battery, there is no flickering or beeping.

I note, I just bought this new battery on July 11, not quite a month ago. It has been great since then, but I used the laptop only occasionally and lightly. I had no problems until this past Friday. Its a 9-cell battery, rated at 6 hours of charge time (original was 6 cell, rated at 4 hours.)

I have been trying to figure this out since it started on Friday -- and in the middle of it, lost my entire laptop on Saturday, it would not boot, nothing would fix it until I spent today restoring a backup from a month ago of the C drive. It now works fine. Got it all updated again.

After restoring today, the screen still flickered. I spent a few hours de-charging the battery to nothing. Then I plugged in the power adapter again, and have been charging it for the past couple hours, going to full fora full calibration. Ever since I plugged the power adapter in to charge it, the screen has not been flickering. It was as if it had been fixed. Until just now, when it got to 87%, the flickering and beeping started again. Dang! Since previously I was plugged in when I had the issue, it was always charged more than 87%. So, I don't know, but maybe this issue happens only above around that level of charge, or maybe it simply came back at that point.

In another thread about the laptop crash over the weekend, I was asked to take down the "morse code" of the beeps. Well, I did that today before de-charging the battery. Over the course of three minutes, here is approximately the time frames, in seconds, for the amount of time between each single beep -- one simple beep, always short, same length of the beep itself: 10, 25, 10, 30, 10, 15+, 10, 15, 10, 15, 8-10, 15, 15.

Now, as I have been writing, enough time has passed to see the battery at a fuller charge. But it remains at 87% now, has not gone up. It won't go to 100%. BUT, the flickering and beeping has stopped,the first time that ever happened after it started. This is different than what had been going on before. And, I also noticed, my screen saver did not come on, the screen simply went dark while I was on this other computer typing. I have no idea if any of that info is helpful. But the calibration will not go to 100%, this time it appears to have stopped even lower than previously, not even into the 90s% this time.

Before I lost the laptop over the weekend, I tried various things. I tried a power reset (draining to zero, and holding down the power key for a full minute to make sure it is empty-empty). I did the calibration a number of times. I tried my old battery (at this point, with how the weekend has gone, I can't remember if the old battery worked fine, I think I was trying to calibrate it when I lost the laptop). I tired turning on and off the battery saver. The only ting that stopped the beeping and flickering was unplugging from the power adapter and running off of battery only.

Does anyone have any idea of what the problem is, what to do to solve it? Yes, of course the battery itself crossed my mind -- maybe that is the issue, can a battery cause these kind of symptoms? The flickering, the beeping, the failure to take a full charge? Or is the problem something in the circuitry in my laptop? Or? But unlike Friday and much of Saturday, it was not flickering and beeping while charging from zero today, that only started at 87% -- it did it the entire time of charging on Friday and Saturday when I tried that.


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