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Best Of Friends

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Best Of Friends

A rather reticent young girl was asked how she got on with her new boyfriend. 

"Let's just say my legs are my best friends," she replied mysteriously. 

"Oh, come on," said her mate. "What does that mean?" 

"It means he came on too strong so I walked home." 

A few weeks later the two friends were talking and the girl's mate asked her how her new date went on the previous night. 

"Pretty much as before," she replied. "My legs are my best friends." 

Time went by and on the third time they met up, the girl looked radiantly happy. 

"You're looking well," commented her mate. "Something's doing you good." 

"Oh yes," replied the girl. "I've met this wonderful bloke and let's just say even the best of friends must part."

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