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Call Sign Chaos, James Mattis

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James Mattis has a new book, "Call Sign Chaos". The name speaks volumes.

 If that can be uploaded it would be great. Thanks in advance.


This is not a rant, it is a plea for ppl to get some wisdom...

 I watched a interview with him (James Mattis) and came away more impressed with his intelligence, character, wisdom...

see here:

I felt like I was put in my place. I am not a Trump  fan. I am also not a democrat so I have not been beating the tribal drum. That is what he seemed so disappointed in. That we are so divided.

 I will "try" to hold my tongue for now at least. It is hard when you see something that is so corrosive to us all and not speak out but... watch the interview.  Please.

 If that link above does not work, it was on Morning Joe.


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