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Lobby Dosser

Request for Ebooks by Eric Newby

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Hi, I am looking for any ebooks by Eric Newby, here is a list I know its a slim chance but you never know! Thanks in advance Lobby D. some known details:

Author Eric Newby


ISBN:0745137059, 0745178804 A Small Place in Italy

ISBN:0754015955 Departures and Arrivals

ISBN:0330280236 Slowly down the Ganges

ISBN:0002156121, 0006545777 What the Traveller Saw

ISBN:0340165898, 0330266233 A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush

ISBN:0002556219 Departures and Arrivals

ISBN:0719556368 Learning the Ropes

ISBN:0007149395 A Book of Lands and Peoples

ISBN:0340105585, 0330280244 Love and War in the Apennines

ISBN:0002572230 Around the World in Eighty Years

ISBN:0007367872, 9780007367870 A Traveller's Life

ISBN:043630600X, 0330318853 The Last Grain Race

ISBN:9780007367511 Something Wholesale

ISBN:9780007413546 A Merry Dance Around the World

ISBN 13 9780007367917 On the Shores of the Mediterranean

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