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Cliff Hanger

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Cliff Hanger

Mark was hiking along a mountainous trail when he lost his footing and slipped over the side of a cliff. 

After falling approximately 15 feet he ran into the branches of a tree growing out the side of the cliff.

While hanging on for dear life, he looked down and saw that it was at least a 200-foot drop to the bottom. 

In desperation he started calling for help. "Is anybody up there?! I've fallen over the side, and I need help!"

A loud booming voice that echoed through the mountains said, "I am the Lord. Let go of thy branch and ye will be safe!"

Mark could hardly believe his ears. 

This was indeed the voice of God, and it echoed loud and clear. But he looked down again at the 200-foot drop, looked up, and cried out:

"Is anybody else up there?!"

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